Course Description
The program is designed to quench a budding scientist’s thirst to question and explore the human body and the beautiful world around them. Provides a detailed insight of the world and our surroundings from a scientific standpoint. Alongside a lot of engaging experiments and enjoyable hands-on model and project making activities. Allow your child to venture with us into a world of practical science not only to understand how we came into being but to know how to make our earth a better place. We offer explorational and investigational activities for preschoolers until the higher schooling disciplines of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

24 Months
Age group


Develop an understanding of the world, built on current scientific skills. The goal is to develop scientific skills to identify and help counter the various global issues. Master the art of innovation in the field of science and technology to help better their lives and help society. In pursuit of the following skills:

* Information retrieval
* Listening and observing
* Practical exploration and reasoning
* Scientific inquiry and data analysis