Coded Minds Brazil

Hope Academy Brasil is an education and professionalization movement. Developing autonomy, encouraging creativity and empowering the next generation of leaders with the skills to succeed in the 21st century. Children, youth and adults find in our methodologies, programs and teachers, the skills necessary for a successful future.

Our programs are designed to provide quality interactive experiences.

Our Mission


Our programs are designed to provide quality interactive experiences, Make quality education accessible in order to empower the market with innovation, autonomy and freedom .. Stimulating skills and human relationships that build a new community of innovative students


We believe that education should be fun, innovative, purpose-oriented, centered on human beings, autonomy and freedom.

Our Team


Laura Reis
Executive Director, Marketing and Communications

Cultural executive producer with 4 years of experience organizing festivals, congresses, events, shows and concerts. Teacher in the Brazilian public-school system for 2 years. Administrative assistant for 3 years of the actin/theater group MIDIACTORS. BSc in Performing Arts at the Federal University of Ouro Preto. Undergoing BSc in Philosophy and Ethics. Experience in technical, teaching, and management.

Danilo Monteiro
Executive Director, Business Operations

Graphic Designer technologist from FATEC. Undergoing Information Technology Management degree from FATEA. Experience as a poster design for supermarket chains. Served the Brazilian Army for 8 years as a Private and Corporal. Founded and administrated King’s burger.

Marco Reis
Executive Director, Programs and Education

Information Technology Management technologist from FATEA. Over 6 years of experience working on software development, Cyber security, database as a full stack developer. Administrated family owned beverage bar in his family’s hotel. IT enthusiast, self taught on several languages and computer sciences areas. Currently a volunteer seeking business opportunities for HA Brazil.

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