How to teach coding without laptops and tablets

 In a perfect world, every school and classroom would have enough tablets, computers, and robotics kits for every student. But let’s be honest, the world is far from perfect, and unless you’re extremely fortunate, you’ll have to come up with strategies to prepare your students with 21st century skills with less resources than you’d like.  … Read more

Using Music To Teach Coding

 It’s extremely important that as educators we connect to students in whichever medium speaks to them. You may have someone who is an extremely talented musician but has little interest in coding and programming. You can use music to teach many coding concepts and engage more of your students. Music is a form of code … Read more

Which tech is best for my school or classroom?

 It can be difficult to decide which technology you should purchase for your school, or classroom. As technology evolves, items that seemed indispensable in the past will start to feel dated, and you want to make sure that you’re using a piece of technology that will provide a strong return on investment. This article will … Read more