AJK is going to be SILICON VALLEY of South Asia

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AJK has become the first state in the country to launch coding courses in the public school

Muzaffarabad – Azad Jammu and Kashmir is ready to become the next Silicon Valley in  South Asia, said Barrister Iftakhar Gillani, Minister for Elementary and Secondary  Education – AJK, at the launch of government’s partnership with Coded Minds to  introduce 21st century learning in public schools in the region.  

“We are proud of the fact that the AJK government is the pioneer in Pakistan to formally  launch Coding and Technology courses in the state’s public schools,” Gillani added.  

He was speaking to the media after a signing ceremony where the AJK Ministry  Elementary and Secondary Education has partnered with Coded Minds Pakistan to teach  Coding and App Development to primary and secondary students across the state.  

Speaking on the occasion, Omar Farooqui, Founder and Executive Chairman – Coded  Minds, thanked the AJK government for joining hands with Coded Minds in the mission  and realizing the importance of implementing a 21st century education model at the  beginners level.  

 “AJK has been proud of having the highest literacy rate in the country. Our dream is to  convert this heavenly valley into a Valley of Learning. The region has all the right  ingredients to be the leader of 21st century skills. We are here to make this dream a  reality,” said Farooqui, who is an internationally acclaimed Edupreneur.  

Gillani said that the partnership will enable around 550,000 students in government  schools in the state to acquire the knowledge they need to thrive in the modern world.  “The AJK government is committed to provide value based quality education to the  younger generation and meanwhile Coded Minds has lended it a helping hand. Quality  education was indeed an engine for collective socio-economic development.”  

Farooqui, a Saudi National whose ancestors are from Muzaffarabad, also lauded the  vision and leadership of AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan for empowering the young 

generation of the state with modern education and employment. “We are so inspired by  the vision of His Excellency AJK President Sardar Masood Khan. The state is blessed to  have a leadership like him,” he added.  

Based out of the United Arab Emirates, Coded Minds is a global iSTEAM and leadership  education-technology company operating in 14 countries of the world. After launching in  Pakistan, it has initiated a campaign to provide quality learning opportunities to everyone,  including the 24 million out-of-school children in the country, at a disruptive price point. 

Coded Minds begins ‘quality-education-for-all’ movement with Hope Rozgar Bus from Kashmir


Muzaffarabad – The Coded Minds formally started its journey to disrupt education and employment across Pakistan as His Excellency the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan inaugurated the Hope Rozgar Bus at the President House in Muzaffarabad.

The Hope Rozgar Bus is an initiative by the Coded Minds Pakistan to build outreach to millions of people in the country to train them according to the needs of the 21st century and provide them work and learning opportunities, regardless of their status, gender and location.  

Speaking to the inauguration ceremony, Coded Minds Founder and Global CEO Omar Frooqui said that the day has finally arrived to turn the valley of Kashmir into the valley of learning in South Asia. He added that it was an immensely proud moment for him to begin this project from the soil he was born in.

“Three years ago, when I started this company in Dubai, I had not imagined that it will sway across 14 countries in such a short time,” Farooqui said. “This happened, perhaps, because of the uniqueness of our goal to make quality education accessible and affordable to everyone.”

He said that since all humans are equal and Islam also teaches us the same so ideally there should have been a one education system for everyone in the world but the social demographics does not allow that which is why the class divide in the society was increasing.

“Coded Minds is going to do exactly that by bringing a revolution in the worldwide education system and for this it will make public-private collaboration,” he added. “We are a movement that will change everyday lives of the people so they can compete with the rest of the world.”

AJK President Khan lauded Farooqui’s vision and his service to the community, saying that Coded Minds has extended a helping hand to the state in realizing its goal to achieve the target of 100 percent literacy in the valley. He hoped that this movement would ease the pain of Kashmir.

Khan said that the figures quoted by the Coded Minds to provide employment to 300,000 people in the AJK were staggering as will diminish the unfortunate gap between the rich and the poor in the society. He said that he was moved by the ed-tech company’s pedagogy which focused on concepts rather than rote learning.

“The advent of technology has enabled people to take a quantum leap. Earlier, the progress was incremental now it is exponential,” he said, anticipating that the Coded Minds will act as a catalyst in achieving the Goal 2030 for the AJK to empower its people at par the developed countries.       

Shedding light education affairs, Vice-Chancellor AJK University Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi said that despite having excellent progress report as compared to the four provinces of Pakistan, the valley was far behind in modern education as compared to the world.

“It is a gigantic task to train thousands of teachers in modern trends of technology but this important objective can be attained by the AJK govt through the idea of public-private partnership as proposed by Coded Minds,” Abbasi said, urging the policy makers to formulate plan that meet the 21st century needs.

He added, “I take this opportunity to invite Coded Minds to collaborate with the Department of Education at the AJK University in implementing their project in the state. The department has few foriegn qualified teachers, understands the state of education and this alliance will boost affecting the education.”

Chairman AJK’s Public Service Commission Air Marshal (retd) Masood Akhtar commented that the idea of Coded Minds will help improve the education and employment system across the country. He said that the 18th Amendment had given AJK a reasonable amount of political and fiscal sovereignty and now should use it in the best of national interest.   

He quoted renowned American educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom for the three important intelligences required to make this world a better place. “Cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities.” He added that Farooqi’s vision also revolved around these three factors and pledged to support his programme.

Coded Minds is an esteemed global iSTEAM and leadership education technology company providing 21st century’s skill-based learning to students belonging to 55 different nationalities in 14 countries, including UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, UK and USA, around the world.

Public-private partnerships inevitable to revolutionize country’s education system, moot unanimously demands


To brianstorm with the cross section of society on overcoming the educational and employment crisis in the country, Coded Minds organized a talk Reskilling The Next Generation of Pakistan: Role of Corporate, Public and Development Sectors at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi on Wednesday.

Coded Minds’ Founder and Executive Chairman Omar Farooqui initiated the discussion, expressing his vision for the education revolution in the country which aims to eliminate the gap between rich and poor and public and private.

Shedding light on the state of education, he said that the country was running on a 200-year-old system the concepts of which had become obsolete as new trends had arrived in the world.

“The world is learning Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Science but here children were still being taught theories that have no significance in practical life. That’s why people having gold medals and multiple masters degrees were unemployed because they were not skilled up for the real world,” he said.

He added that the vision of Coded Minds was to create the affordability and accessibility of STEM learning for every household in the country so that no one is left behind and this is only possible with public-private partnerships in the field of education.

He said that Coded Minds aimed to provide quality education to 5 million out-of-school children in the country in the next few years.

The talk was divided into two sessions of 120 minutes. The first was on Empowering the Human Capital and the second on the Future of Education. Both of them included distinguished sets of panelists and were moderated by Farooqui himself.

Speaking to the first session, advisor to the Sindh chief minister Sharmila Farooqui emphasized on the promoting the inclusion of women in the education process saying that they face a systematic discrimination in the soceity beginging from their own households. Referring to the role of the women in the polio drive across the country, she said maintaining gender parity can bring the anticipated revolution in the country.

Sindh lawmaker Arsalan Taj Ghumman who belongs to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said that youth in the country lacked opportunities providing which was the responsibility of the state. He said that although the governments increased budget regularly for education yet the standard of it had not raised because of traditional academic content.

Sui Southern Gas Company spokesperson Shahbaz Islam said that Pakistan had become the fifth populous country in the world, boasting a youth bulge with an average age of 22 years. He said that having young people in such large numbers was an opportunity for the country to lead the world given proper strategy is engaged.

K-Electric director Ahsan Anis said that the public-private partnerships were inevitable to make the society better because it was not only the responsibility of the state but of everyone. He said that the sense of ownership needed to be brought among people across the board to make them part of the change that country hopes for.

All Pakistan Tajir Ittehad leader Atiq Mir stressed on promoting the education saying that it serves the same purpose in society as eyes do in a body. He said that it was the responsibility of everyone in the country to play their part in bringing the education revolution in the country. He added when this education and employment drive by the Coded Minds will reach goth and remote parts of the country, the real progress will start taking place.

Karachi Intermediate Board’s former controller Imran Chishti spoke about the three existing systems of education in the country – public, private and Cambridge. He said that the public education system was in shambles while the others were flourishing because of their course, however, they were too expensive. He also emphasized on the public-private partnerships saying that the task was gigantic and required contribution from everyone.

A large number of people from corporate, development and governments sectors attended the event as well as students and their parents. The audience also asked razor-sharp questions from the panelists, leaving everyone in the quest to learn more.

Coded Minds is an esteemed global iSTEAM and leadership education-technology company providing 21st century skill-based learning to students belonging to the 55 different nationalities in 16 countries of the world, including US, UK, Canada, China, UAE and Malaysia.

Coded Minds partners with community school to provide 21st learning to students


Karachi – Taking forward the campaign of empowering 24 million children in Pakistan; Coded Minds – a global iSTEAM Ed-Tech company, has partnered with Karachi’s community school to provide STEM education to the students.

Located in the heart of the city, the Paramount Public School caters around 100 students of the community neighbourhood. The partnership will enable children in the Kausar Niazi Colony obtain world-class STEM education at a disruptive price point.

Coded Minds is committed to partner community schools and initiatives across the country.

Speaking to the inauguration, Coded Minds’ Founder and Executive Chairman Omar Farooqui said that there were two ways to directly impact human lives, through education and health. He said, “Give these two things to people and they will make their lives better.”

Referring to the door of a classroom which was painted with the slogan “Never stop growing”, Farooqui said that we must help children grow by providing them with facilities to learn and progress. He urged the community to come forward parallel to the developed world.

Chief guest at the event, Pak Sarzameen Party’s leader Shamshad Siddiqui announced support to the Coded Minds’ initiative to make innovative and iSTEAM courses available to the masses rather than to those only who could pay exorbitant prices.

He said that education was on top in the PSP’s manifesto and they believed in the same vision of Farooqui that education is a right and not a privilege. He also deplored on the existing education system and seconded that public-private partnership was inevitable to make it better.

The school is located on the first floor of a two-storey building situated at the cross section of the local bazaar. Having four classrooms, it is teaching students from grade-I to grade-VIII.

The children interacted, played and shared their future plans with the Coded Minds founder. Jibran, 6, grade-I, said he wanted to become Superman. His classmate Samra, 7, said she wanted to become a nurse. Alishba, 8, and Shehnaz, 10, both from grade-III said they wanted to become teachers.

The school administrator Naz Fahim said that they faced challenges to bring children into the classrooms because first their parents wouldn’t send them thinking education wouldn’t do any good to them because there were no jobs in the market after graduating and secondly they couldn’t afford it.

Saeed Ahmed, a resident of the neighborhood, referred to the children playing in the streets at a time when they should have been in the schools. He said that although there were good schools in the surrounding but they charged as much as the average monthly income of a person here. He expressed hope that the partnership will bring modern learning opportunities to the children of the area.

Coded Minds comes forward to help journalist community in need


Pakistan – Coded Minds Pakistan has announced that it will provide education to the children of a former journalist who is now working as a blue collar worker. It is the first ever international company which has come forward to support the mediapersons braving through the industrial crisis in the country. 

According to the official announcement, Dr. Farook Rasheed A. Farooki, father of the Coded Minds’ founder Omar Farooqui, has taken the responsibility to provide funds for the education of six daughters of journalist Shakirullah, who is living in miserable conditions since losing his job two years ago to the crisis in the media industry in Pakistan.

On December 5, the Independent Urdu had published a feature story on Shakirullah, a journalist for the past 29 years in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which he was seen working as a daily wage laborer to meet both ends. He had told the interviewer that his children were also expelled from the school over non-payment of fees.

Link: https://www.independenturdu.com/node/54166 

After watching the story, Dr Farooki, a Saudi national, who is a known medical practitioner in the Kingdom, asked his son Farooqui to make contact with the journalist and offer to bear the educational expenses of his children. On the instructions of Farooqui, the Coded Minds Pakistan extended the offer to Shakirullah which he happily accepted.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am. I am deeply grateful to Dr Farooki for lending me a helping hand in this moment of need. Nothing is more dearest to a father than seeing his children happy. This is a gift for the lifetime. Thanks again,” he said in an emotional tone.

His eldest daughter, Rahila Shah, who is 18 years old and affected with polio, brimmed with excitement when she learned of resuming the education with the Hope Academy. “This is great, let me tell this to all my friends” she told her father.

Farooqui said that his father was moved by the story. “I could see tears in the eyes of my father although he tried his best to hide them. You know fathers always tend to be strong in front of their children. And then he expressed his wish to adopt Shakirullah’s kids for education.”

He added that Coded Minds already was on a mission in Pakistan to create employment and provide quality learning opportunities to 24 million out-of-school children in the country. “I believe that inability to pay should not prevent anyone from studying because education is a right and not a privilege.”

Addressing a press conference at the Islamabad Press Club in Islamabad in November, Coded Minds founder Farooqui had announced special discounts at the Hope Academy for the journalist community facing financial crunches because of the media industry crisis. 

Sharing his insight on the media industry’s situation, Karachi Press Club joint secretary Saqib Sagheer said that so far 10,000 journalists across the country have lost jobs since the beginning of this crisis. He commented, “Nowadays, journalists are not sure if they will stay on job by the end of the day or not.”

Coded Minds is a global iSTEAM and leadership education-technology company providing 21st century’s skill-based learning to students, from children to adults, in 16 countries, including UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, UK, USA and China.

Hope Academy is a project of Coded Minds which imparts world class STEM (Science, Technology, English and Mathematics) education to children at a disruptive price point, for as low as Rs1,500, in Pakistan to make it accessible and affordable to everyone.

Coded Minds to Empower Children in India with STEM Education

Coded Minds to Empower Children in India

ALIG Educational and Welfare Society (ALIG Society), an India based NGO has collaborated with Dubai based international iSTEAM and technology company, Coded Minds, to train Government School Students (Class 5 to Class 10) from 6 different cities i.e. Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Aligarh, Moradabad, Baranski and Kolkata in English Communication, Animation and App Development. This 8-week course will start 1st of July 2020.

As a pilot initiative, 70 students have been selected for the program. More students will be added to the program in the second phase of this initiative. 

This innovative pedagogical approach is the first of its kind, where students of Government schools in Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal will be receiving Technology Education, from an international company through online classes.

The 70 selected students, across the 6 cities are being provided with tablets by ALIG, for a two-month period. This two-month summer course will develop a mindset among students to not only break down complex problems into more manageable solutions, but will also equip the learners with a developmental mindset, which will ultimately improve learning agility.

Omar Farooqui, Founder & President of Coded Minds Global believes that such a collaboration will go a long way. “Coded Minds is proud, with the support of ALIG, we will be empowering the children of India with the technological skills needed for the 21st century.” 

“The education sector, globally is facing a lot of challenges. To prepare students for future challenges, we need to not only reinvent curriculum, we need to also change how it is being delivered through classrooms, and teaching methods. iSTEAM education is the future and the sooner we embrace it the better,” said Farooqui. 

Farooqui said, Coded Minds, is operating in 6 different countries, and is already offering education to hundreds of Indian expatriate students in the UAE. “In the UAE, Indian children come under the top three demographics of our student data base,” he added. 

In the last 12 years, ALIG Educational and Welfare Society has reached out to more than 30,000 direct beneficiaries through different programs and initiatives in Education, Health and Skill training sectors.

Under the Support a School Program, more than 12000 students in 47 Government Schools are being inspired to dream.

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