Coded Minds begins ‘quality-education-for-all’ movement with Hope Rozgar Bus from Kashmir

Muzaffarabad – The Coded Minds formally started its journey to disrupt education and employment across Pakistan as His Excellency the President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan inaugurated the Hope Rozgar Bus at the President House in Muzaffarabad.

The Hope Rozgar Bus is an initiative by the Coded Minds Pakistan to build outreach to millions of people in the country to train them according to the needs of the 21st century and provide them work and learning opportunities, regardless of their status, gender and location.  

Speaking to the inauguration ceremony, Coded Minds Founder and Global CEO Omar Frooqui said that the day has finally arrived to turn the valley of Kashmir into the valley of learning in South Asia. He added that it was an immensely proud moment for him to begin this project from the soil he was born in.

“Three years ago, when I started this company in Dubai, I had not imagined that it will sway across 14 countries in such a short time,” Farooqui said. “This happened, perhaps, because of the uniqueness of our goal to make quality education accessible and affordable to everyone.”

He said that since all humans are equal and Islam also teaches us the same so ideally there should have been a one education system for everyone in the world but the social demographics does not allow that which is why the class divide in the society was increasing.

“Coded Minds is going to do exactly that by bringing a revolution in the worldwide education system and for this it will make public-private collaboration,” he added. “We are a movement that will change everyday lives of the people so they can compete with the rest of the world.”

AJK President Khan lauded Farooqui’s vision and his service to the community, saying that Coded Minds has extended a helping hand to the state in realizing its goal to achieve the target of 100 percent literacy in the valley. He hoped that this movement would ease the pain of Kashmir.

Khan said that the figures quoted by the Coded Minds to provide employment to 300,000 people in the AJK were staggering as will diminish the unfortunate gap between the rich and the poor in the society. He said that he was moved by the ed-tech company’s pedagogy which focused on concepts rather than rote learning.

“The advent of technology has enabled people to take a quantum leap. Earlier, the progress was incremental now it is exponential,” he said, anticipating that the Coded Minds will act as a catalyst in achieving the Goal 2030 for the AJK to empower its people at par the developed countries.       

Shedding light education affairs, Vice-Chancellor AJK University Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi said that despite having excellent progress report as compared to the four provinces of Pakistan, the valley was far behind in modern education as compared to the world.

“It is a gigantic task to train thousands of teachers in modern trends of technology but this important objective can be attained by the AJK govt through the idea of public-private partnership as proposed by Coded Minds,” Abbasi said, urging the policy makers to formulate plan that meet the 21st century needs.

He added, “I take this opportunity to invite Coded Minds to collaborate with the Department of Education at the AJK University in implementing their project in the state. The department has few foriegn qualified teachers, understands the state of education and this alliance will boost affecting the education.”

Chairman AJK’s Public Service Commission Air Marshal (retd) Masood Akhtar commented that the idea of Coded Minds will help improve the education and employment system across the country. He said that the 18th Amendment had given AJK a reasonable amount of political and fiscal sovereignty and now should use it in the best of national interest.   

He quoted renowned American educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom for the three important intelligences required to make this world a better place. “Cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities.” He added that Farooqi’s vision also revolved around these three factors and pledged to support his programme.

Coded Minds is an esteemed global iSTEAM and leadership education technology company providing 21st century’s skill-based learning to students belonging to 55 different nationalities in 14 countries, including UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, UK and USA, around the world.

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