Coded Minds comes forward to help journalist community in need

Pakistan – Coded Minds Pakistan has announced that it will provide education to the children of a former journalist who is now working as a blue collar worker. It is the first ever international company which has come forward to support the mediapersons braving through the industrial crisis in the country. 

According to the official announcement, Dr. Farook Rasheed A. Farooki, father of the Coded Minds’ founder Omar Farooqui, has taken the responsibility to provide funds for the education of six daughters of journalist Shakirullah, who is living in miserable conditions since losing his job two years ago to the crisis in the media industry in Pakistan.

On December 5, the Independent Urdu had published a feature story on Shakirullah, a journalist for the past 29 years in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in which he was seen working as a daily wage laborer to meet both ends. He had told the interviewer that his children were also expelled from the school over non-payment of fees.


After watching the story, Dr Farooki, a Saudi national, who is a known medical practitioner in the Kingdom, asked his son Farooqui to make contact with the journalist and offer to bear the educational expenses of his children. On the instructions of Farooqui, the Coded Minds Pakistan extended the offer to Shakirullah which he happily accepted.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am. I am deeply grateful to Dr Farooki for lending me a helping hand in this moment of need. Nothing is more dearest to a father than seeing his children happy. This is a gift for the lifetime. Thanks again,” he said in an emotional tone.

His eldest daughter, Rahila Shah, who is 18 years old and affected with polio, brimmed with excitement when she learned of resuming the education with the Hope Academy. “This is great, let me tell this to all my friends” she told her father.

Farooqui said that his father was moved by the story. “I could see tears in the eyes of my father although he tried his best to hide them. You know fathers always tend to be strong in front of their children. And then he expressed his wish to adopt Shakirullah’s kids for education.”

He added that Coded Minds already was on a mission in Pakistan to create employment and provide quality learning opportunities to 24 million out-of-school children in the country. “I believe that inability to pay should not prevent anyone from studying because education is a right and not a privilege.”

Addressing a press conference at the Islamabad Press Club in Islamabad in November, Coded Minds founder Farooqui had announced special discounts at the Hope Academy for the journalist community facing financial crunches because of the media industry crisis. 

Sharing his insight on the media industry’s situation, Karachi Press Club joint secretary Saqib Sagheer said that so far 10,000 journalists across the country have lost jobs since the beginning of this crisis. He commented, “Nowadays, journalists are not sure if they will stay on job by the end of the day or not.”

Coded Minds is a global iSTEAM and leadership education-technology company providing 21st century’s skill-based learning to students, from children to adults, in 16 countries, including UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, UK, USA and China.

Hope Academy is a project of Coded Minds which imparts world class STEM (Science, Technology, English and Mathematics) education to children at a disruptive price point, for as low as Rs1,500, in Pakistan to make it accessible and affordable to everyone.

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