LevelUp Courses

LevelUp is the next level of Out of School Care education. LevelUps are Teacher-led lessons that aim to bring knowledge on top of the social interaction children have during our programs. 

Notes about the program

Take your child(ren) Out of School Care to the next level with Coded Minds’ LevelUp!


These are weekly iSTEAM (Innovation, Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) sessions that are teacher-led and project-based.

Children will learn while playing and having fun – the perfect formula for life-long knowledge retention.

Sign up is only required ONCE per year

We want your LevelUp experience to be stress-free. All you have to do is to sign up through this form and your child will be enrolled.

Pricing and Membership

LevelUp sessions cost $60 (+GST) per child. The charges will be added to your regular Out of School Care monthly fees.



Check the LevelUp themes

Commonly seen as videogames, Minecraft & Roblox both have the capacity to teach children powerful coding capabilities including complex languages such as Java and Python. Roblox allows children to design scenarios and games using 3D modelling, the same process used in 3D printing and Virtual reality. Both games in education allow children to learn and play at the same time.

Block coding is a great programming language for kids and is the perfect stepping stone and entry into advanced coding if a child is interested in coding.

Bring out your inner YouTube! This LevelUp is all about artistic expression and the techy knowledge on creating, editing and publishing videos. Add content creation and your child is ready to rock online!

Lego Educational robotics kits (WeDo and Mindstorms) are great tools that blend robotics, coding, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).
Children will learn the basis of all robots (parts and functions), building and coding to enhance problem- solving skills

Throughout this 32-lesson course and several minor projects, children will discover that creativity and innovation are inextricably linked. Children will mastered innovation through creativity, storytelling, design, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.