Frequently Asked Questions

Coded Minds is a global alternative iSTEAM education company that is changing the way education is imparted to students. We deliver learning through technology and project-based approach. We are preparing future generations to cope with the challenges of the future using practical skills and leadership qualities.

We do not limit ourselves to the traditional boundaries that define classrooms today. Even the most modern schools do not teach the practical application of knowledge. Those who do, cover only 20 to 25 percent of practical skills. At Coded Minds, we are 100 percent practical.

Our teachers are experts as well as innovators in their fields. They are young and energetic and always come up with fresh ideas. We don’t hire teachers above the age of 25. We believe teachers and students should always be on the same page.

The majority of our teachers are part-timers. We call this the “Uber model,” as teachers are paid by the hour. So the more hours they spend teaching, the more they learn and earn at the same time. We have very strictly regulated criteria for hiring teachers, which are also approved by local regulatory authorities.

Coded Minds aims to revolutionize education. We are here to change every dimension of education and place stakeholders – mainly children and their parents – at the forefront of this education transformation project.

In just two years, we have trained over 500 children in various schools. More than 200 students have also graduated from our programs. As per our present expansion plan, we anticipate over 15,000 Coded Minds graduates around this time next year.

We work on both these models. We collaborate with schools as well as teach student groups outside of school campuses. If needed, we go to different communities and hire venues for teaching and training purposes. We are a school in the cloud as well as on the ground. Content and teachers are our biggest assets.

We are a school of the future. We provide technology education as well as training in other subjects required for students to enter college. Therefore, what we offer is a long-term engagement.

Yes, absolutely. That’s why we partner with schools and provide after-school activities in the school where your child is registered. We also offer private classes for students as value addition over and above their current curriculum at their regular school.

The way we teach students is different from conventional schooling. We teach our students real-world subjects, so they are prepared and well-equipped to tackle real-world problems. Moreover, our students are learning for the future, not just for the present.

We are part of a revolution taking place in the education sector. We put the public sector and private sector school students in the same pool. Yet our fees are almost a fifth of those of a regular school.

Yes, we are locally licensed as per the education regulations of each country where we operate.

We provide outcome-based courses. We follow objective-based learning: Each course has an objective that the student has to achieve. Our students do not only develop ideas, they invent things. They make ideas come to life and translate theories into practice. On the other hand, traditional schooling is almost entirely theory-based.