International Education Technology company to hire 300,000 teachers for 30 million students across Pakistan

KARACHI: More than 300,000 young teachers will be hired in Pakistan’s academic sector over the next five years, Coded Minds Pakistan has announced.

“We are on a mission to empower Pakistani children with the right skills and knowledge and for that we need highly trained teachers and academic managers to undertake this crucial task,” said Omar Farooqui, founder and president of Coded Minds – an internaNonal iSTEAM (innovaNon, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) and Leadership educaNon technology company.

“The Pakistani educaNon system needs complete overhaul, which is impossible without properly trained teachers who know the art of modern educaNon and learning. We are here to support government iniNaNves and help talented young Pakistanis to have one of the most respectable and sought-aVer careers,” Farooqui said.

Farooqui revealed his company will provide educaNon to more than 30 million students across the country in five years Nme, through its different educaNonal iniNaNves.

“We are bringing world-class STEM educaNon at a disrupNve price point so that everyone in the country- be it a school going child or a young aspiraNng professional from any background can empower with right skills and knowledge. We believe in educaNon beyond boundaries.”

“To cater to such huge numbers, we require more than 300,000 teachers, mentors and managers in the span of five years,” he added.

According to Farooqui, his company would not only provide jobs to teachers but also offer internaNonal Teachers Training Diploma to the exisNng teachers, from Montessori to the University levels, to upgrade their skills.

According to the company official, employment opportuniNes are available across the country, where it is a village, town, or large ciNes. “We need teachers in every corner of the country to cater our students.”

While referring to the qualificaNon and age requirement, the official said there is no requirement of B-Ed or M-Ed. “We need fresh subject ma[er experts. We will train them as per our internaNonal standards.”

Alif Ailaan, who is part of an Islamabad-based educaNon reform movement, said about 50 percent of teachers across the country have received no formal training, which is leading to the decline in student enrollments.

According to the government of Pakistan survey, there are only 1.8 million teachers in the country and a large number of private teachers have lost their jobs because of the closure of schools during Covid-19.

Teachers who want to apply, can write to or fill the form on the website Pakistan

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