Coded Minds Paksistan Welcome
Coded Minds Paksistan Welcome

Coded Minds, Pakistan is a global iSTEAM & leadership education technology company. The genesis of Coded Minds lies in the ideology to reinvent education not just pedagogically but also through highly disruptive price point.

At Coded Minds, our mission is to close the education skills gap. We offer reverse engineered courses with a practical, hands on problem solving and project based curriculum. Our learning approach is infused with a strong bias for real world issues, technology, and 21st century trends. We prepare students of all ages for the post Fourth Industrial Revolution world.

In the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Americas, Coded Minds has emerged as an alternative iSTEAM education provider that also imparts leadership, entrepreneurial and design thinking skills.

We believe that education has to be purpose-driven,human centered STEM 2.0. We empower children and adults to be creative, innovative thinkers and entrepreneurial in their quest for knowledge.

We are building a community, a movement, and the next generation of leaders...

To be the revolutionary
platform of choice for
education of the 21st


Establish a digitally-led ecosystem where students can successfully attain relevant skills, and create employment opportunities to boost the economy.


Coded Minds Pakistan is bold, innovative, immersive, impact driven and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends. 


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