The EdgeMakers learning system is designed to develop a difference-maker mindset and truly unlock the potential of future innovators, through Innovative Thinking, Creativity, Design Thinking, Collaboration, Storytelling, and Entrepreneurship.


EdgeMakers provides the curriculum and professional development that empower K-12 educators to deliver its authoritative, integrated approach to teaching the disciplines of the 21st century. By introducing students and teachers to hands-on STEM 2.0 experiences that ensures all learners develop technical proficiencies, soft skills and an innovative thinking mindset to be highly skillful problem-solvers who are prepared for success in the global economy, the organization is supporting the next generation of cultural and socioeconomic changemakers.


Knowledge alone will not provide the solutions and innovations of tomorrow. Those who change the world will do so by combining hard technical STEM 2.0 skills with a sense of purpose, an appetite for continuous learning, and a mindset focused on problem-solving and innovation. This is the challenge facing students, parents, educators, and even executives.

The EdgeMakers system provides a well-rounded and meaningful experience that is focused on motivating and challenging future difference makers.

The curriculum component of the EdgeMakers program includes materials for students and teachers (including professional development for higher education institutions). The curriculum component includes activities and lessons to support the building of EdgeMaking capacities.

Explore EdgeMakers Courses


A 7-part course where you learn how to generate unique solutions to big problems.

Design Thinking

In this 5-part series, learn how to prototype and test creative solutions to big problems.

Storytelling & Changemaking

A 20-hour hands on course to learn how to get your ideas amplified to reach specific audiences.

Innovative Thinking

In this course, you will consider the so-called "Wicked Problems" that face us at this moment in history.

Character & Collaboration

Discover ways to work with diverse groups for the common good.


Introduction to Entrepreneuship shows you how to take your idea and make a new venture.

EdgeMakers Academy

Coming Soon


Today\'s youth are ingrained with a valuable asset: an innate desire to create positive change in the world, and a belief in their ability to do so. You may recognize these traits in yourself or your children.

Many education systems focus on the knowledge and technical skills necessary to do so, and EdgeMakers is no exception. We understand, however, that this is only half of the story. This is why our learning system is designed to also inspire innovative thinking and develop problem-solving skills while immersing the student in a well-rounded and effective learning experience.

The next generation is inspired to change the world, and we don\'t believe in squandering that opportunity. Learn how EdgeMakers can equip you or your children to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and become true difference-makers.

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edgemakers students parents Adora Svitak

"In the beginning I didn't really think teenagers could do anything about the environment but now I know how easy it is for students and teenagers can get involved, change people's lives and mindsets about things targeting social justice and the environment.  (best part) learning how to work in groups to figure out answers to problems that were introduced to us. (to do)... I want to use edible cutlery in my school and make a garden in my community and get my parents and family more involved in it."



\"Today\'s students need more than academic knowledge and technical skills to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of their lifetimes. The tools of innovation have never been available to so many. Those students who can think creatively and work collaboratively to solve problems will become the leaders of tomorrow. These are the competencies that the EdgeMakers curriculum teaches. We\'re excited to be working with such a passionate team to bring this innovative learning experience to our community college students.\"

Jordan Carswell

Acting Director, College Educational Technology Services

Our system is designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Our curriculum teaches technical knowledge, develops problem-solving skills and motivates innovation and continuous learning, preparing today's students to be tomorrow's leaders.

Educators, teachers and learning institutions have first-hand knowledge of the next generation's potential. This is why EdgeMakers is so excited to partner with education professionals to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow. Together we'll instill in them the combination of relevant knowledge and innovative thought processes that will enable these future leaders to excel.

Educators are the key to unlocking the potential of today's students. Those who have partnered with EdgeMakers have provided us with great feedback on our holistic approach. Let's inspire, educate and activate the world's greatest resource: tomorrow's leaders!

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Changes in society and the global economy are changing the necessary skills in the 21st Century. Human-centered STEM 2.0 focuses on the development of people who have the capacities for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. In conjunction with the necessary technical skills, these "soft skills" are essential for lasting impact and achievement in the 21st Century, driven by the speed of innovation.

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