Throughout the world, Pakistan in particular, we are facing a major challenge when it comes to training teachers with 21st century pedagogy teaching skills. Coded Minds proudly presents its most sought after Teachers' Training Diploma course in Pakistan. Introduction to Teaching & Learning 101 is a 3-month, introductory course for teachers that want to improve communication skills and learn about effective 21st century practices and pedagogy. In a world where new technologies are created daily, it is important for teachers to understand how, and why they should incorporate these new technologies in their lessons. This course also uncovers what technologies are best used in education.



An Introduction to 21st Century Teaching and Learning


a. Teaching Methodology and  Classroom Practices
b. Theories of Learning and  factors of Student Learning
c. Effective Classroom Management, Practices & Strategies
d. Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation

Duration: 3 months

Effective Classroom Management, Culture and Communication


   a. Communication Practices  that
   promote optimal "Teacher-Student"
   Roles and Relationships
   b. Growth Mindset as a Teacher  and
   as a Learner
   c. Basic understanding of  Problem
   based Learning
   d. Importance of communication
   and positive relationships between         
   teachers and students

From Professional Learning Communities to Learning Designs


   a. Understanding how to design
   authentic, problem-based  learning
   b. Elements of Effective Learning  Design
   c. Explore what it means to be  an
   effective part Professional Learning 


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