At Hope Academy, we offer world class core STEM education to those priced out of the market. We believe, education is priceless and the birthright of every child in the world.
Tutor Booth connects students and mentors. With an aim to provide education at your doorsteps, Tutor Booth makes learning an approachable and affordable option which is an app-click away.

Our Platforms

Our key platforms have attracted thousands of students of all age groups from diverse background and with different learning abilities.

At Coded Minds, we provide integrated classes specializing in ICT such as innovation hubs and camps and curriculum integration and upgradation.
EdgeMakers produces innovators who can learn by doing. Here students build creative confidence, use critical thinking to solve problems, collaborate with diverse groups and communicate their ideas clearly.

STEM Learning Lab

STEM Learning Lab offers design and delivery of high quality, hands-on, interactive STEM/STEAM programs and Early Learning for children and Professional Development for adults.

Global Presence