Empower students for a limitless future

At Coded Minds, we offer courses and learning experiences through two models.


The Enterprise Model operates through academic and corporate institutions.

  • Corporate Training and Development
  • School Integration
  • Teacher Training and Development
  • Leadership Program
  • Innovation Hub
  • After-school programs


In the Direct Model, we offer courses and learning experiences directly to the students, wherever they are.

  • Private Learning
  • Hackathons
  • Executive Training and Development
  • Leadership Program
  • Bootcamps
  • Research and Development

Curriculum Integration

We integrate project-based and technology-driven learning into any school curriculum. Regardless of the academic board, or the courses being taught in a school, we make the teaching method more interactive and hands-on. Students learn through experiments and technology instead of memorizing.

Global Camps

We take our students to different corners of the world for real-life experiences. Whether in a faraway forest village in Mozambique, among Aboriginal tribes in Australia or at an orphanage in Nepal, the Global Camp gives our students a reality check and prepares them to be the world leaders of tomorrow.

After School Activities

At Coded Minds, the learning process does not stop after the last school bell rings. From making objects with mud and playing music to learning sports and fixing old computers, our after-school activities present an opportunity to learn away from textbooks and lectures.

Teacher Training

We train teachers and academic managers based on new education trends. Teaching evolves with the evolution of society and learning techniques need constant updates. We help teachers empower themselves using technology so that they can shape our students into thinkers, intellectuals, and leaders.

Seasonal Camps

During these camps, students can benefit from technology-driven courses in a condensed period of time. We can arrange them at a location of your choice.




Our Products

We offer a variety of products from the Enterprise Model – mediated through academic and corporate institutions – or the Direct Model in which courses are offered directly to students, wherever they are.

Long term courses

With a commitment to get our students ready for the real world, we offer a two-year long-term course. Long-term courses are considered to be a perfect alternative for students who cannot adjust to regular school-based studies.

Thematic Camps

We offer courses based on themes (such as peace, history, or travel), in which students learn how to use different kinds of technology to gain a more in-depth understanding of the relevant theme.


A place where ideas become reality, the Hackathon is organized in different parts of the world and invites local geniuses and dreamers to become innovators. Our subject matter experts supervise the whole learning process and help participants achieve their ambitions.

Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is specially tailored to the ambitions and objectives of your organization, whether a school, a corporate office, or even a neighborhood community hall. We coach our students to be better thinkers and leaders who dare to innovate.

Short term courses

For students who cannot commit two years to the long-term course, we offer a three-month short course plan, in which they will learn all iSTEAM subjects through project-based learning.

Global Presence