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Hope Academy brings high-quality education at a disruptive price point to EVERY STUDENT. It presents a radically transparent model that brings affordable and sustainable core education to students. We deliver classes from K-Adults, which our curators and teachers teach through a project & challenge-based learning model.

Established in November 2019, Hope Academy is already flourishing in three countries and expanding. With a price point of less than $25, Hope Academy is catering to thousands of children.

Hope Academy is committed to catering to the 617 million children worldwide who lack basic literacy skills, and the 264 million children who cannot access school.

At Hope Academy, we believe that education is a right, not a privilege. We produce leaders and thinkers for the world of tomorrow. Our students, regardless of the background they belong to, are trained and mentored in a way that ensures they can be the leaders of tomorrow. Hope Academy is a hope for humanity.

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