About Coded Minds Brazil

Coded Minds arrives in Brazil and South America through Hope Academy Brasil. We are a global movement that brings high quality education at an affordable price for ALL. We present a radically transparent model that brings basic and professional education to an accessible and sustainable level for children, youth and adults.

Coded Minds, the parent company of Hope Academy, curates and internationally develops knowledge in Science, Technology, Languages ​​and Exact which are taught through projects carried out by our experienced teachers and academics. We transform these minds into leaders, innovators and thinkers so that they can build a world of peace and prosperity. Hope Academy leverages the Coded Minds platform globally for truly transformative education.

Coded Minds

Coded Minds is a global iSTEAM & Leadership Education technology company. The genesis of Coded Minds lies in the ideology to reinvent education pedagogically.

At Coded Minds, our mission is to close the education-skills gap. Our learning approach is infused with a strong bias for real-world challenges, digital fluency, and 21st century trends and skills. We believe that we need to empower the next generation of leaders to push boundaries and create new social norms in their quest for solving global issues.

We are building a community, a movement, and the next generation of leaders.

What is iSTEAM?

iSTEAM is an approach to learning that utilizes Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for directing inquiry, collaboration, and critical thinking. Coded Minds creates programming to further enrich education by utilizing coding, robotics, and engaging project based curriculum to ignite curiosity in lifelong learning.

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