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EdgeMakers is the only learning system in the world that explicitly defines and teaches innovation as a multifaceted discipline that any student can learn. It's applicable to any field of study or any course you\'re teaching.

EdgeMakers provides the curriculum and professional development to empower K-12 educators to deliver an integrated approach to teaching the disciplines of the 21st century. Introducing students and teachers to hands-on STEM 2.0 experiences that ensure all learners develop the technical proficiencies, soft skills and innovative thinking to be highly skillful problem-solvers, who are prepared for success in the global economy. The organization is supporting the next generation of cultural and socioeconomic changemakers. Built on the expertise of Dr. John Kao, EdgeMakers combines the subject matter and technical knowledge most frequently prioritized in education with the often overlooked missing ingredients, to create a well-rounded, meaningful learning experience where students' knowledge and skills are always combined with a purpose.

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Hope Academy Brasil – Teaching Method

Hope Academy Brasil's distance learning method follows the North American standard, where teachers are knowledge guides, allowing students to learn content based on their own interests.

Hope Academy Brasil's classes follow the philosophy of EdgeMakers [NZ1], a world famous education brand, in which teaching is not theoretical, but aims to lead with local and global problems. In summary, classes are structured in:

- Challenging problem: Suggested by the teacher, this problem can be both local and global for the topic taught.

- Epic question: A question asked by teachers and students to direct the course of studies.

- Innovative resolution: The result of students' research, focused on solving the challenging problem.

The results of these methods generate questioning, innovative students, with initiative and critical thinking, skills that are extremely important for students and professionals in the 21st century.

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