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Diverse backgrounds with one unifier - the care for children's education

Ring of Light Bulbs

The idea

Coded Minds team is comprised of people like you: consumers, parents, siblings, workers. People who have a busy life but care for the future. Especially the future of our children.  That future lies in technology. So why not start teaching our children about technology early in life?

That is how the idea started. But did it evolve?

Technology and children

It was no easy challenge to merge technology into early childhood education. We faced challenges like short attention span, lack of interest, products that are not engaging to children and more. It took us time to find the sweet spot between education and fun. We persevered and we achieved our goal of bringing technology to kids in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. Learning has never been this easy.

Kids in Technology Class
VR Games

Coded Minds now

We have 5 education centres in Calgary, several parters who receive and apply our programming in their classrooms and we are growing! And it all started with a simple idea that has been successful since 2015 - making education fun while blending technology, exposing children to our ever-changing world.

Stay tuned to what's coming next in Coded Minds' world.

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