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Crianças aprendendo


STEAM Labs is the pinnacle of Coded Minds philosophy – a child care program (day care, before and after school programs) that promotes inquiry play-based learning, creative iSTEAM experiences, and Growth Mindset explorations. These philosophies assist children, youth, and educators in building digital fluency, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking skills. This is the base for developing a diverse community of capable lifelong learners that will lead our future.

iSTEAM Lab Philosophy

Inquiry-Based Play

Inquiry-based play is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems, or scenarios to children in order to ignite their curiosity. This process allows children to come up with theories and solutions to the questions asked, which might involve research, hands-on experimentation and collaboration, all important skills to have in their lives.

iSTEAM Education

iSTEAM stands for Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This educational approach aims to break the walls surrounding these areas of knowledge, allowing children to freely navigate between them during learning. iSTEAM breaks labels and barriers between knowledge, allowing children to see the “big picture” rather than an isolated idea.

Growth Mind-Set

Improving oneself through effort, persistence and learning from one’s own mistakes is what a growth mindset is all about. A mistake should be considered a steppingstone to success, something needed to achieve a goal and not something to be frowned upon. The growth mindset allows children to face the world with the enthusiasm of “what should I learn next if what I am doing does not work?”.

Core Values

Empowered fun while designing creative experiences.



Competencies in Human/Technology literacy.


With a diverse community of capable lifelong learners.


Connect and collaborate while exploring the growth mindset.


In safe, inspiring environments that ignite curiosity.

Our Locations

Banting and Best

Banting and Best iSTEAM Lab is a gym program. That means lots of open space for children to play, both indoors and outdoors, as the school has 3 playground areas that our program can use. The focus of Banting and Best is to learn through play by integrating technology into the children’s routine.

Eric Harvie

Eric Harvie iSTEAM Lab has 3 rooms, serving 3 cohorts grouped by age. All children interact during outdoor playtime, which often happens in the playground area of the school. This program focus on co-learning, allowing children to enhance communication skills, cultural awareness, thinking skills and much more.


Located in one of the most traditional schools from the CBE, our 2-room program has one of the most engaging parent communities from Coded Minds. Ramsay iSTEAM lab focus on integrating past and future, mindfulness with technology, gross motor skills with technology literacy, bringing children the best of both worlds.

Simons Valley

Simons Valley iSTEAM Lab is a gym program in a growing community in Calgary. The school has a beautiful playground area that is constantly used by kids as they prefer doing activities outdoors. The program focus on leadership, where children take an active role in what and how they want to learn while playing.


Tuscany iSTEAM Lab is growing! In the past, we only have 2 rooms, and due to the community demand in 2022, we are increasing our capacity by adding another room to serve children. Tuscany iSTEAM lab aims to serve its community by having an open-door policy while fostering the growth mindset within the children, especially on scientific experiments, considered a favourite among staff.


We are happy to connect and answer any questions you have!

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