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Welcome to Eric Harvie


Located at 357 Tuscany Drive NW, Calgary AB T3L 3C9, Canada


A Message from our ELCC Supervisor

At Eric Harvie we want our students to take ownership of their learning and to feel like it is their second home. Working with the children from their interests as co-learners, co-researchers, and co-imaginaries. We feel it is more important that the children discover new ideas and concepts rather than just being ‘taught’ them. Children having fun learn so much quicker without even realizing they are learning!  They are also offered outside learning, building nests, burying ‘fossils’ to dig for them later, playing soccer, or just having a good old run around. Life skills are very important to a child's development and learning, so we integrate those skills into all of our activities. 

Virtual Walkthrough of the Program

Experience what a program looks like!