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Located at 375 Sandarac Dr NW, Calgary AB T3K 4B2, Canada

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A Message from our ELCC Supervisor

At Simons Valley, we ensure that our students are always engaged and stimulated whether it be through planned activities based on what the Topic of the Week is or that which the children have given us through their own explorative activities. We are also keen on letting the children take on leadership roles such as running games and activities and allowing them to figure out how to deal with conflicts and aid them in growing their people skills. We like to try activities such as various science experiments, whether it be a reactive experiment or something more subtle to build on their curiosity. Sometimes the experiments do not go the way we planned so then we focus on the fact that it's okay for that to happen, and that we can learn from it.  

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Meet our Simons Valley Staff!

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I’m Parwin Hafiz born in Afghanistan and grew up in Finland. I’m a mother of
two girls. I have studied Early Childhood Education and Development Diploma at Bow
Valley College and Currently working as a supervisor in Simons Valley School Coded
Minds before and after care program. I’m passionate about working with children, and I
have been in Early childhood education since 2012. I am fluent in English, Finish and
Persian. As an educator, I believe that children are creative, imaginative and each child is unique. Also, as a leader I would initiate, participate, guide/motivate, encourage, and
observe during implementation of activities and work. Here are some fun facts about me: I love nature & music and my favorites are, food: pizza, color: blue, book: romans, hobby: dance. 




ELCC Educator

BHi! Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Charmane Macalino and I am one of the newest ELCC Educators for the Simons Valley School. A few interesting facts about me are, I was born in the Philippines but was raised in a small town in Saskatchewan. On my free days I love doing photography and videography. I am a Level 1 Educator and I am currently enrolled at the CDI College doing their Educational Assistant program! I also have my diploma in Hospitality and Tourism. Getting the opportunity to work for Coded Minds is definitely something I look forward to experiencing. I have such a huge passion for working with children because they bring out such positive energy. The reason I love working with children is because I get to be one of the many people in their life that is outside their family circle that gives them the opportunity to grow and learn as individuals. My passion for working with children definitely grows bigger as each day goes by and I would not have it any other way!  

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