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Located at 375 Sandarac Dr NW, Calgary AB T3K 4B2, Canada

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A Message from our ELCC Supervisor

At Simons Valley, we ensure that our students are always engaged and stimulated whether it be through planned activities based on what the Topic of the Week is or that which the children have given us through their own explorative activities. We are also keen on letting the children take on leadership roles such as running games and activities and allowing them to figure out how to deal with conflicts and aid them in growing their people skills. We like to try activities such as various science experiments, whether it be a reactive experiment or something more subtle to build on their curiosity. Sometimes the experiments do not go the way we planned so then we focus on the fact that it's okay for that to happen, and that we can learn from it.  

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Meet our Simons Valley Staff!

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Mandeep Makkar


My name is Mandeep Kaur Makkar and I am the Supervisor of Simons Valley before and after care program. I moved to Canada in 2019 and started working with Coded Minds in November 2020. I am a certified Level 3 Early Childcare Educator, have Bachelors in Education, Masters in Commerce and a diploma in Nursery Teacher Training. My love for working with children is the reason I have been in this profession for the last 7 years. I was a kindergarten teacher for 5 years in India and am now in Childcare for the last 2 years. My aim is to provide such an education which makes children good human beings and responsible citizens because they are the future. For me learning is an ongoing process and this profession is teaching me a lot on daily basis which I adore because we are responsible for teaching children and I believe they in return teach us valuable lessons. When I am with children, for me that is the best time of the day as their presence makes me forget all the worries and I just enjoy the moment I am in. Also, I am a family- oriented woman who loves her family and adores her Husband 🙂

Neha Syed - ELCC Educator.jpg

Neha Syed

ELCC Educator

Hi, my name is Neha Syed. I was born and raised in Pakistan where I did my bachelor’s in fine arts from National College of Arts. I came to Calgary in September 2018 to do my master’s degree in Fine Arts from University of Calgary. I am going to work with Coded Minds as an ELCC educator at their Simons Valley School and something I am really excited about as it will give me a chance to bring my creativity forward. Working and being with children is something I always love to do as they bring so much positive energy and innocence to a space, and you get to learn so much from them. I have worked with middle school children back home in Pakistan as an Artist Educator under the International Foundation CCE (Creativity Culture Education) program which aimed at transforming the learning experience of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I also got a chance to work closely with children when I was a Community Advisor at University of Calgary Family Housing and aimed to engage them in a healthy community building through various activities and programming. One fun fact about me is I have a big, sweet tooth, something I try to control in front of my five-year-old niece.

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