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Welcome to Simons Valley


Located at 375 Sandarac Dr NW, Calgary AB T3K 4B2, Canada

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A Message from our ELCC Supervisor

At Simons Valley, we ensure that our students are always engaged and stimulated whether it be through planned activities based on what the Topic of the Week is or that which the children have given us through their own explorative activities. We are also keen on letting the children take on leadership roles such as running games and activities and allowing them to figure out how to deal with conflicts and aid them in growing their people skills. We like to try activities such as various science experiments, whether it be a reactive experiment or something more subtle to build on their curiosity. Sometimes the experiments do not go the way we planned so then we focus on the fact that it's okay for that to happen, and that we can learn from it.  

Virtual Walkthrough of the Program

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Meet our Simons Valley Staff!

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Rawshan Alkurdi, I am a certified early childhood educator (level three) graduated from Bow valley College a year ago, and I have an Education Assistant diploma obtained in Calgary as well. I have over 5 years of experience working with children from infancy to school age children. My favorite part is playing with children and following their interests, allowing them to lead their play and make adjustments to materials until they reach their full potential in learning.
Few things to learn about me, I am a mom of three children, I grew up in Jordan (Arabica native speaker) and migrated to Canada 13 years ago and Calgary has become my home ever since. I enjoy outdoor time a lot! I love rafting, swimming, biking and I love field trips. I believe in the importance of nature and the outdoor environment to enhance children’s learning to widen their creativity by taking initiatives to their inventions, I also love using materials from nature to further the learning in the indoor environment as well, as being said once “environment is the third teacher” I rely on providing a positive, energetic, respectful and kind space where children feel safe, loved and supported. This is my first year working with Coded Minds and I can't wait to begin this school year, meeting all the children, get to know them and go from there!




ELCC Educator

Hi, my name is Miss Allyssa! I have been in childcare for over ten years! I am enrolled at Lethbridge College to complete my level 2, then I will be taking my level 3 right away. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, ranging from 5 years old to 5 months old, so my house is fairly busy. I have been married to my husband since December 2021. I enjoy spending time outside as much as possible, whether I’m going for a hike, going to the dog park, or just going for a long walk in the city. My husband and I will go for hikes in the mountains, usually lasting 5-12 hours per hike! We love exploring new outdoor areas and seeing new scenery.

I look forward to the school year and all that it has to bring us!

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ELCC Educator

Bio Coming Soon... :D

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