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iSTEAM Academy

iSTEAM Academy is a place to learn, play, and grow within the areas of Innovation, Science, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (iSTEAM), which are vital to thriving in the 21st Century and beyond. We believe our distinguished learners are curious, excited, and capable of becoming world changers!

Join iSTEAM Academy Clubs today or enroll in our Learning Sessions or both.

iSTEAM Academy Gallery

Check some of our awesome learning experiences in 1 on 1 learning sessions, clubs or summer camps. The activities are filled with fun, collaboration and technology literacy that will give an edge to your children’s future.

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Learning Sessions

For learners who have yet to uncover the world of iSTEAM, lack interest, are inexperienced or who need to be challenged further, our Learning Sessions boast beginner to specialized learning where students can garner their interest and hone in on their skills in the areas of YouTube & Filmmaking, Block Coding, Robotics, Minecraft, Roblox, Engineering & Design, Entrepreneurship, and more!

Learning Sessions are 1-on-1 with instructors and may be administered in-person or online (with some limitations).


In iSTEAM Academy Clubs, learners are challenged and engaged in weekly clubs where participants with similar interests come together to share and develop their skills and capabilities in our Entrepreneurship, Coding, Robotics, or Gaming Clubs.

Clubs are offered to two age groups (grades 5-8 and grades 9-12 or ages 10-14 and 15-18 years old). Clubs meet twice per week and run 12 weeks at a time*. Registration is on a rolling basis.

*Subject to change


Coded Minds often partners with its community to promote events such as lectures, free courses (online and/or in-person). Check our page and stay in touch with the endless possibilities Coded Minds offers.

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