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Kids Can Learn Coding EASILY Using These Methods

David Peachment

June 8th, 2022


Kids Can Learn Coding EASILY Using These Methods

Coding and programming sound like absolutely daunting tasks! Even as adults, the idea of coding sounds complex and hard to simply comprehend. Looking at written code and logic rarely seems to make any kind of sense either! What does everything mean? What are all of those phrases and words? As a grown-up, it can be a challenge. But what about as a kid? It would be even harder for them, right? Kids are a lot smarter than they are often given credit. I’ve known some kids in my life that have figured out coding and made their own computer programs. It’s amazing! But it is a big task to jump right in and try to figure it all out. This is where having a basic introduction to coding comes into play. Providing kids with the basic building blocks to coding will allow them to grow with it and understand it in a fun and easy way. This is why I’ve listed a few ways that children can learn coding incredibly easily! They’ll learn tons and have a blast along the way! Let’s dive right in!

Block Coding

The first thing I want to talk about is a form of coding called block coding. While the main coding languages have specific words and syntaxes to use, block coding simplifies it down to the bare essentials. In a standard coding language like Python or Java, you need to know what each symbol means, how they relate to each other, how to build coding sentences, etc. Whereas, with block coding, all you have to do is understand the logic of coding. Instead of writing out the program, the code will be prewritten into blocks. Then, all you have to do to make something is organize the blocks into logical sequences. This makes it all incredibly easy and intuitive! There will still be some learning required to understand how the logic functions, but this is a fantastic stepping stone to figuring out the basics of coding and programming!


Scratch is a block coding system designed by MIT for kids specifically. Seeing as how kids wanted to learn to program but didn’t have an intuitive system to do it, MIT created Scratch with the sole goal of helping kids learn programming and animation. It’s a very robust platform with tons of resources and lessons to help children learn at their own pace. And did I mention it’s completely free? Kids can play around and experiment with making their own games, videos, animations, and tons more! It’s an incredible piece of technology and a great starter for kids who want to get into programming. No previous experience is required!

Makey Makey

The last thing I want to talk about is Makey Makey. This is another great technology product that is also entirely geared towards children. But instead of just using a computer, it also uses circuitry and physical tech to help kids learn. Super easy to set up and use and with limitless options, Makey Makey gives kids the ability to use wires and buttons to design and code their own video games, musical instruments, and more. Simply connect the Makey Makey to a computer, follow along with the free resources on their website, and watch your kid invent whatever their mind can dream of! Want to create a video game and a controller for it? Makey Makey lets kids do it! Ever thought about turning fruits like apples and bananas into keys on a keyboard? Plug in the Makey Makey wires into them and play away! It’s pretty inexpensive, and the options are endless!

I hope that these few options will have given you a little insight into what is possible for kids. Coding in a new language can be challenging, but by starting with the basics designed for kids, it’ll never feel easier! Attach a Makey Makey to it, and kids can work with a physical object to help develop their imagination and wonder. When I was a kid, anything like the above-mentioned programs seemed like a pipe dream. But today, they are a reality. And just waiting for kids to explore and create!

Until next time,

David Peachment


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