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The 6 Month Goal Method

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

January 19th, 2022

David Peachment


The 6 Month Goal Method

With a new year freshly upon us, we are presented with the opportunity to learn and grow in the best ways possible! We have the ability to go farther in our careers, our relationships, and our personal lives. So why should it slip through our fingers? Now is the time to take action and fulfill our dreams. We’ve been given only one life, so why not make it the best we can? And it all starts with proper goal setting. So what do we want to accomplish? What can we achieve if we put our minds to it? That is why I’m going to talk about The 6 Month Goal Method.

What it is

So what exactly is this method? It is a simple way of categorizing goals and laying them out over the course of 6 months. You will be focusing on six core areas of your life. And during the next six months, you will seek to improve each area. Ultimately, this will push you to improve yourself in all regions of your life. Even if you don’t complete some goals in certain areas, you can in others, which means that you are slowly getting better and better over time no matter what happens. The categories are as follows: Health, Finances, Relationships, Career, Spirituality (if you are a spiritual person), and Hobbies. Try to develop an overall objective you want to reach in each category. Something that will improve your life or a dream you’ve always had. For example, in Finances, you could put something like “Take a summer vacation to the Bahamas” or “Purchase a car.” In Health, you could write down “Run a marathon” or “lose ten pounds.” Take some time to think of where you want to be in each category and put that down into a single objective. This will be your starting point for implementation.

How to Implement

Now that you have an objective written down in each category, we can dive in a little further. Next, you will jot down a few tactics to achieve that objective. These tactics will be the daily/weekly activities you will do to move closer to completing the goal. These are the steps towards finishing. In our Health example of losing ten pounds, some tactics could include doing cardio every morning, eliminating sugar and junk food from your diet, and whatever you can do to help on your journey. Suppose you had a Career objective of getting a promotion. In that case, some tactics could include getting certifications on the weekends, showing up early to work each day, or taking an hour of your day to work on long-term projects and improvements that help you in your career.

Once you have your tactics for each objective in place, then you can work on your WHY. Your WHY is exactly that: why are you doing this objective? What is your reason for completing this? What will it give you or help you with? Having your WHY written down will immensely benefit you in motivating yourself to keep doing the tactics every day. Write down a couple of sentences or a few bullet points outlining why you want to accomplish your objective. When that is all finished, everything can be put into a table similar to this:

Quickly type out a similar table in Word, Excel, or Google Docs. Print it out, and put it somewhere you will see it every day. This could be beside your bed, so upon waking up, you can remind yourself about what you need to do today and why. You could also put the table in front of your desk at work. Commit yourself to strive for greatness, one objective at a time. Keep doing that, and you will watch your world improve and change in so many ways you didn’t even think were possible!

Until next time,

David Peachment


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