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3D Design & Virtual Reality

3D Design & Virtual Reality

PriceFrom C$65.00


  • 3D design is the newest tech hype. From 3D printing to Virtual Reality (VR), its applications are growing exponentially. Printing or using 3D models in VR are at the end of the process.

    The beginning is less glamorous but just as important – how to shape objects, make them look real, design for purpose and much more. This session focuses on the entire spectrum of 3D design and applications – from designing to VR. This session is preparing students for the next big leap in current technology.

    Learning objectives: How to create and edit 3D objects, how to export objects to different medias, and how to use these in different media/purposes.

    Technology used: Tinkercad, Regular VR goggles, Oculus Quest 2, YouTube VR, Gravity Sketch and Eon XR.

  • iSTEAM Academy (Clubs & Learning Sessions)

    Cancellations of Learning Sessions must be made 24 hours or more of scheduled sessions to be rescheduled. Clubs cannot be rescheduled.

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