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Roblox Coding and Design

Roblox Coding and Design

PriceFrom C$65.00


  • Roblox is an extremely creative game that allows players to develop their own games, scenarios, and even coding by using simple tools. This is perfect for children who like to play and learn while preparing for the future. Roblox uses 3D design, regular coding language, and a great sense of artistry and creativity to make creations appealing and playable.

    Learning Objectives: Learn the basics of 3D modelling and Roblox coding as well as the elements of a good game and how to advertise it on the platform.

    Technology used: Roblox and Roblox Studio

  • iSTEAM Academy (Clubs & Learning Sessions)

    Cancellations of Learning Sessions must be made 24 hours or more of scheduled sessions to be rescheduled. Clubs cannot be rescheduled.

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