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PriceFrom C$65.00


  • Robots are more common than we imagine. They are in factories building cars, but also in our houses, vacuuming the floor. There are several sciences that merge together to build robots – computer sciences, electronics, different types of engineering, design and many others. This session merges them all with one objective in mind – to give a holistic view of what robotics is and how complex robot building is.

    Learning Objectives: Uses of robots, the technology involved in building and coding a robot.

    Technology used: Ozobots, Lego WeDo, Lego Mindstorms, LittleBits, Arduino

  • iSTEAM Academy (Clubs & Learning Sessions)

    Cancellations of Learning Sessions must be made 24 hours or more of scheduled sessions to be rescheduled. Clubs cannot be rescheduled.

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