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Virtual Reality Collaborative Environments

Virtual Reality Collaborative Environments

PriceFrom C$65.00


  • Join the new era where meeting and collaborating with friends and co-workers are all happening in Virtual Reality!

    This session aims to display different applications for virtual collaboration, how to prepare and run a collaborative environment as well as how to use different tools to enhance the experience. You learn how to bring games in Virtual Reality to enhance team spirit or just ‘hangout’ virtually. If you want to be ready for the next generation of meetings, this session is for you!

    Learning Objects: Create a VR environment, invite teams, add 3D objects, documents/presentations and enhance productivity using Virtual Reality.

    Technology Used: Oculus Quest 2, Spatial, and Alcove.

  • iSTEAM Academy (Clubs & Learning Sessions)

    Cancellations of Learning Sessions must be made 24 hours or more of scheduled sessions to be rescheduled. Clubs cannot be rescheduled.

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