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Youtube & Filmmaking

Youtube & Filmmaking

PriceFrom C$65.00


  • YouTube revolutionized entertainment for one main reason – everyone was able to create and publish content freely. But being a YouTuber is not easy. In order to create engaging content, YouTubers need to know about storytelling, market needs, video creation, editing, and how to properly organize content on YouTube. This session aims to give a broad understanding of all these topics and more, while preparing students to have a positive impact on YouTube and the world from content creation to SEO improvement.

    Learning objectives: Elements of a good video, equipment use, videos pre and post production.

    Technology used: Tripods, light poles, different types of cameras (Mevo, GoPro, Tablets, Cell phones), video editing software, YouTube.

  • iSTEAM Academy (Clubs & Learning Sessions)

    Cancellations of Learning Sessions must be made 24 hours or more of scheduled sessions to be rescheduled. Clubs cannot be rescheduled.

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