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We are disrupting education by igniting curious minds with an infusion of 21st century technology through hands-on interactive experiences.

Coded Minds Global

Coded Minds Global is an iSTEAM & leadership education technology company. Omar Farooqui founded the company in 2017 in Dubai, UAE, which caters from Pre-K to Adults, covering multiple subjects through various 21st Century skills-based platforms. It also provides basic literacy and numeracy learning for those kids not in school at disruptive price points.

Coded Minds different educational programs are taught to thousands of students, belonging to more than 45 different nationalities, in 13 countries across 5 continents, to reach over 1 million students by the year 2022, with plans to expand into new regions.

We are building a community, a movement, and the next generation of leaders.

How We Do It - Our Platforms

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EdgeMakers produces innovators who can learn by doing. Here students build creative confidence, use critical thinking to solve problems, collaborate with diverse groups and communicate their ideas clearly.

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Hope Academy

At Hope Academy, we offer world class core STEM education to those priced out of the market. We believe, education is priceless and the birthright of every child in the world.

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TutorBooth is a highly interactive Learning Management System that can be used in virtually any space to educate, manage and connect people.

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Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (iSTEAM) is integrated in Coded Minds project-based learning approach. Programs integrate Coding, Robotic and Technology in all pedagogy.

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Teacher's Training 2.0

Teacher's Training 2.0 empowers teachers with 21st century skills for their classrooms. Leaving no student behind, this program focuses on teachers.Β 


Early Learning Child Care (ELCC)

Early Learning Child Care (ELCC) is inspired by inquiry play based learning, creative iSTEAM experiences, and Growth Mindset explorations.


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