5 Awesome Roblox Studio Lessons

Updated: Apr 1

February 16th, 2022

David Peachment


5 Awesome Roblox Studio Lessons

Roblox. A super fun single and multiplayer game that millions of kids play every day. I’ve known several children that the first thing they do after school is race to go play games with their friends on Roblox. And why wouldn’t they? It’s kid-friendly, fun, simple, and because of its modding tools, people can create and code all new experiences in the game! But what if a kid doesn’t know how to code, animate, or do any other skill necessary to develop your own games and modes in Roblox? Enter Roblox Studio! A robust and intuitive space for children to learn coding, game design, animating, storytelling, and so much more! It’s a free resource that educators and parents alike can download and use with their children.

Since it offers so many different and incredible lessons, I want to break down a few of my favourite ones! Let’s dive in!

Code Fundamentals

The first one I want to discuss is Code Fundamentals. This is a terrific place to start when your kid is venturing into the world of Roblox! However, this class is definitely a meaty one, as it clocks in at around ten hours. But it will teach the essential coding principles that kids can put into practice right away! They’ll be learning by building fun objects in the game world such as traps and power ups. With the fundamentals fully understood, kids can then get into some more exciting projects!