Easy Robotics for Kids of all Ages

David Peachment

May 11th, 2022


Easy Robotics for Kids of all Ages

The technology of the future will be comprised of programs, computers, and robots. Being able to grasp this technology and even develop it is essential for the leaders of tomorrow. This is why it’s so critical to understand the skills necessary as soon as possible and to grow with the advent of new innovations. Kids would be the primary benefactor of learning these skills as soon as possible. By beginning their learning early, they can grow up with the technology and understand its concepts so much easier than anyone trying to learn them later in life. Getting kids started in technology such as robotics and coding will go an incredibly long way in shaping their futures and opportunities in life. But robotics sounds complicated, doesn’t it? And while designing self-driving cars and fully functioning androids is definitely complex, getting started in robotics doesn’t have to be! There are several options for kids to begin their journey without overwhelming them! It all starts with a few simple technologies to get them going!


The first piece of robotics that is fantastic for kids is Ozobots! These little robots respond to colours that they see. They move on their own and are programmed to perform specific actions based on the different shades of colours drawn in front of them. To make it work, all a kid has to do is take a white sheet of paper and some markers. Then, they simply draw thick lines of various colours on the paper, charting out a course for the Ozobot! For example, a black line with two dashes of blue in it will cause the robot to speed up its driving! A black bar with a green dash followed by a red will tell the Ozobot to turn left. And that’s just the basics! You can make it dance, twirl, switch lines, stop on command, and even more complicated actions like stopping after a certain amount of intersections! All of this will allow small children to get exposure to small robots and help them develop and plan out logic and paths for the robots to perform. This is a fantastic introduction to robotics!