How to Make Minecraft Educational

Updated: Mar 31

November 10th, 2021

David Peachment


How to Make Minecraft Educational

Ah, Minecraft. One of the most popular games (if not the absolute number one game) in the world. Kids all over the globe log countless hours into this game. They’ll play it before school, after school, and on the weekends with their friends! It truly has become a phenomenon that has taken people by storm. From annual “Minecon” conventions to paraphernalia, you can see Minecraft’s far reach in everyday life. But can it actually be used for something other than simple fun? The short answer is that it has some pretty robust features that can truly develop a young mind for the future! Let’s dive into a few benefits that kids can get from Minecraft!

Creativity and Design

Creativity and design are the first few benefits I want to touch on that can be gained from spending time with the game. Upon entering the world, players are greeted with an endless playground from which to build and create. When not playing with other people and experiencing player-created worlds, kids can make their own environment in the game. They can select from countless objects to build with, such as materials like wood, metal, grass, and other things like fire, animals, and tools. All of this together means there are zero limits to what can be created. By providing the tools in this virtual sandbox, kids can express their creative side by developing towns, mountains, other worlds, and anything else that can be thought of! Not only that, but they can learn the fundamentals of design. How to create a functional castle, a working animal ecosystem, or a properly flowing waterway system (as water works just like in real life with flooding and such.) And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because Minecraft has a whole education edition dedicated towards learning!