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Inexpensive Ways for Kids to Learn

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

December 8th, 2021

David Peachment


Inexpensive Ways for Kids to Learn

Sometimes it can be daunting to want your kid to learn some new technical and soft skills. Where do you start? How do they learn effectively? What would be some good skills to know at this stage in life? A lot of classes and equipment can be super expensive and hard to set up. I hope in this blog post to detail a few options for kids and youth to gain some fantastic and valuable skills in the modern world. All of it being inexpensive and super easy to get started with! Let's dive into a few options for them to learn easily and cheaply!

Host a Podcast

The first way to learn some beneficial skills is for your child to start a podcast. It sounds like a big task but bear with me. Let's first start with what can be garnered from beginning a podcast. Kids can understand the fundamentals of good communication, structuring content to be appealing, and the basics of marketing (to get their podcast off the ground). If they're talking to other people, the interview skills gained will also be valuable. Commit your kids to making just five episodes and see how they like it. See what they can learn from just a few episodes, and then, if they want to continue, they can!

How can this be done cheaply? Use the family computer for interviewing their friends. Nearly all computers come with some form of built-in microphone. Even if you don't have any fancy way of recording audio, you can still use the computer's built-in system. And nearly all computers come with some form of editing software. For example, on a Mac, there's Garage Band. And there are tons of free editing software on the internet, such as Audacity. Have your kid interview their friends. Or, if they have a smart device they can carry with them like a tablet or phone, they can even interview their teacher or a family friend about their job. They can learn the ins and outs of different professions, all the while figuring out how to edit, set up equipment, organize and conduct interviews, and more!

Be a Youtuber

The next great option for a child to learn new skills is to become a Youtuber. With the advancement of technology, it is easier than ever to start creating videos! These days, all smart devices come with a camera, and most computers come with a webcam. Your kid could start their own Youtube channel. They'll learn to create videos, video editing, lighting, sound design, and so much more. I won't talk too much about what they can learn since I've written a blog post on the subject that you can read HERE.

As I mentioned, they can use their smartphone, home computer, or family camera and start creating videos. Just like audio editing software, most computers come with video editing software preinstalled. But if your computer doesn't have one, there are many free options online, such as OpenShot. Just download, and off you go! Do they want to be a gaming Youtuber? Most current gaming consoles come with ways to save and record gameplay and even upload directly to Youtube! There are essentially no barriers for a child to start making their passions come to life!

Become a Streamer

Lastly, they could also become a streamer. This combines the best of both worlds with podcasting and Youtubing. Kids can understand and figure out the concepts of being live and entertaining to an audience while gaining the skills for proper lighting and sound, interacting with audience members, and providing enough content to keep viewers engaged.

For the tech used, again, they can use the family computer, their own smartphone, or another device with recording capabilities hanging around the house! There are also tons of free streaming software on the internet, such as Streamlabs, and free hosting websites such as Twitch.

However your child learns, there are tons of inexpensive and easy-to-do opportunities for them to hit the ground running! They'll gain tons of skills, knowledge, and they'll have plenty of fun in the process too! I encourage you, dear reader, to look into letting your kid try one of the above methods for learning. It just might make a huge difference in their lives. And who knows, it could even turn into a career!

Until next time,

David Peachment



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