What is Block Coding?

Updated: Apr 1

January 26th, 2022

David Peachment


What is Block Coding?

Getting into programming and learning how to code can be a very daunting task, especially for children. There are a lot of complicated aspects and concepts that a young mind might have some trouble fully comprehending. But, because of the central role programming plays in today’s computerized world, learning to code is an essential life skill going into the future. But what is the solution to overly complicated programming languages? The short and simple answer is block coding.

Block Coding Defined

Block coding was developed as a very colourful and puzzle-like coding language that is much easier for children to understand and allows them to get introduced to programming. One particular language used for block coding is called Scratch, created by MIT. The core concept of Scratch is it’s about coding while having fun, creating artful video games and story-driven animations. Essentially, Scratch is about building pieces of art and interactive experiences that will serve as an essential baseline for developing more complex coding such as java, python, etc.

Regardless of the language, coding follows the same general programming logic, whether that be Java, Python, or block coding. The big difference, instead of seeing the huge syntaxes (which is what we call those long command lines), your children will be learning with very colourful blocks. They will design things of their interests in a very fast environment where the results will be shown right away. And debugging (solving issues with the code) is a lot simpler and more intuitive than using regular coding.