Why Kids Should Learn 3D Modelling

Updated: Mar 31

November 3rd, 2021

David Peachment


Why Kids Should Learn 3D Modelling

With technology progressing as quickly as it does, newer and newer ways to design and create are developed to keep up. One of these newer ways is 3D modelling. Whenever professionals would need to design something, such as buildings, processes, new materials, products, etc., they would have to draw out their ideas and designs either on paper or in a basic program. But with 3D modelling, everything changed drastically. It is now at the forefront of product and technology development and is an essential skill to acquire for anyone venturing into a career of the future! What are some of the reasons kids should learn it now? Let’s dive in!

Design of the Future

The chief reason is simply that 3D modelling is the designing tool of the future. Architecture? Design the house in 3D to see how it all looks and works together. Creating a new product? Use a 3D printer to make a prototype before you mass-produce it. This allows you to easily make changes fast and efficiently without wasting valuable resources. 3D modelling is essential to entertainment industries, such as video games (an industry on track to break 180 billion in revenue this year alone!), movies, television, and even music videos. Because it is such a core part of special effects and animation, 3D modelling is used in nearly every entertainment aspect.

Engineers, financial analysts, doctors, law enforcement, and countless other industries and professions increasingly use 3D modelling to analyze, design, and create new innovations. And as the years’ progress, more and more people will be turning to this form of composition. Being at the forefront of such an expanding industry will set up your kids for great success in their future careers!