YouTube and its impact on Education

Updated: Mar 31

April 21st, 2021

Nikolas Zetouni


Lo and Behold! Coded Minds is also on YouTube now! Check our channel here. Just like on our Podcast and Blog, the goal of the YouTube channel is to bring educational content with a big perk – videos! Not only you will be able to see this pretty face of mine (lol) and others like Andrés and Lucy, but also all sorts of content! For example, Coded Talks episode #4 (on YouTube and Podcast) has a lot of Minecraft action.

Besides Coded Talks, I also prepared a series called Coded Shorts. As the name implies, I’ll be recording short videos (around 5 minutes) defining and explaining all sorts of education practices and terms. Check the playlist here.

With the self-ad out of the way, as usual, I’m bringing some extra info on YouTube and Education. I want to write about how YouTube videos can impact education in 2 tiers – learning while watching YouTube videos and YouTubers styles and what we, educators can learn from them.

What can we learn watching YouTube videos

What I really want to focus here are channels that can bring educational content in a fun and engaging way but are not part of the curriculum. Take Bright Side for example, a channel that creates content about life curiosities like planets, the world's most expensive things and even content about riddles and puzzles. Wanna go a bit more to the high end? The