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How to create tech lessons that WOW students:

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

January 9th, 2021

Andrés Porras


At Coded-Minds, we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate iSTEAM into every lesson we teach. Our goal is to have students leave our day-camps, after school programs, and tutoring sessions excited about technology. Here’s some tips we’ve found to make your tech lessons really shine!

Build Relationships with your students:

Whether you’re a school teacher, running training for adults, or tutoring 1-1, a strong relationship with your students is critical for engaging in learning. There’s many ways you can foster a connection with your students, you can create a questionnaire for them to fill out before they arrive, craft icebreaker activities such as Get To Know You Bingo, and create space in your lesson for informal conversations with your students. Once you get past these initial get-to-know you activities, you can start getting to know your students organically which will lead to deeper connections.

Child-led vs Teacher Led:

We’ve all been there, a lesson that we’ve planned perfectly lands flat once we get it in front of our students. The best way to avoid this problem is to ask the students what they’re interested in and craft your lessons around that. This is especially helpful in 1-1 settings such as tutoring where you have the flexibility to craft your learning around their interests. For example, if your students are really interested in Minecraft or Roblox, you can use those platforms as a jumping off point for lessons. Students will engage with what they’re passionate about and the learning will be deeper and more meaningful.

Consider your environment:

Your classroom (or online workspace) has a huge impact on the way your students learn. An inviting tech-station with clear instructions will have a different impact than having your technology locked away inside a cabinet. When possible, group your students together, this allows them to bounce ideas off each other and create stronger connections.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no single solution to creating a successful tech experience for your students. At Coded-Minds, we try our best to ensure we’re providing students with the tools they need in the best environment possible. We pride ourselves in ensuring our instructors have strong and meaningful relationships with our students and this allows them to succeed.

-Andrés Porras

Did you know Coded Minds is a pioneer in iSTEAM and one of the first companies to integrate it into their learning objectives and educational programs? To enrol your child in iSTEAM learning or learn how to integrate iSTEAM into your educational program or curriculum, CLICK HERE.



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