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How to Learn New Tech EASILY

April 20th, 2022

David Peachment


How to Learn New Tech EASILY

There’s nothing more worrying and frustrating than having to quickly learn some new technology for your work or school. The boss needs you to use the new program, the instructor wants you to understand the circuitry, or you need to learn the latest software to keep up to date in the industry. Whatever it is, you need to understand and use it! But sitting down to figure out some new gadget or program can be daunting. Where do you begin? Will you learn it in time? Will it be too complicated? These questions may be swirling around your head, but don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as you think!

In this blog post, I’m going to go over a few core principles that you can use and apply whenever you need to learn new technology. By remembering these principles, you’ll be able to EASILY acquire knowledge of tech and programs you’ve never used before! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Spread Out Your Learning

The first principle I want to discuss is spreading out your learning. What I mean by this is to make sure to space out what you need to know over time (if you have the time) and avoid cramming at all costs! Studies have shown cramming to help you in the short term, but you won’t remember anything in the long term! Plan multiple study sessions a day apart, if possible, and review what you learned the previous day. If you are studying multiple times a day, separate your sessions by ensuring you are taking 5-10 minute breaks every 45-60 minutes to rejuvenate your energy and keep your brain active. Don’t try to learn everything at once! Space out the subjects you want to know as well so as not to overload your brain with different information.

Break it Down

Another principle is to break it down. And by that, I don’t mean destroying it; I mean starting very small and understanding a slice of the tech. For example, say you are trying to learn how to code robots. Instead of trying to learn everything all at once, start small and focus on being able to do one simple command with those robots. Or, if you need to use the latest marketing software at work, don’t be overwhelmed by all of the different buttons and components. Instead, simply break it down and focus on a small piece of it, such as email marketing. This will allow you to break down the tech into easily digestible chunks and slowly learn all of it over time by mastering specific aspects of it first!

Get Help

One of the worst mistakes that can be made is to feel like you have to do it all yourself. Get help! Find a friend or loved one that understands what you are trying to figure out, and ask them to teach or tutor you. Getting help is a simple concept, but it can sometimes be challenging. I know my ego can often get in the way, and I want to do it all myself. But it never hurts to have a little assistance when need be. If you don’t have anyone around, search up the tech on Google or YouTube! There are thousands of videos, forums, and websites dedicated to helping people understand the latest programs and gadgets. I guarantee just about any question you have about something, someone will have already asked it too, and most likely found the solution! Additionally, you can use websites like Udemy and Coursera to find cheap and beneficial courses that cover all kinds of subjects!


The last principle is to simply breathe. Take it easy. Pause for a moment, and don’t feel so panicked or overwhelmed. Step away for a minute or two. You got this! Being able to separate yourself from whatever it is you’re learning is a crucial step toward success. If you get frustrated and anxious, you will severely hinder your ability and progress. Everything will get much harder, which will cycle you into getting more anxious and frustrated. Take ten deep breaths and remember that you can do it! No matter how challenging something may seem, it is possible! Just pause for that moment’s breath, feel your emotions calm, and try again.

I hope this blog has given you a bit of an insight into learning new technology way easier! By spreading out your learning over time and taking breaks, using tutorials effectively, and remembering to simply breathe and power through, you’ll be able to wow your peers and supervisors with your knowledge and ability gained in a short amount of time. Applying these principles whenever you are faced with new technology or even any skills or piece of knowledge will allow you to progress much quicker and easier than ever before!

Until next time,

David Peachment


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