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LEVEL UP Your Self-Development

David Peachment

May 4th, 2022


LEVEL UP Your Self-Development

Growing your mind and self-development can be a tough thing to get into. Life and the struggles therein always seem to get in the way. We commit to getting up early, eating healthy, exercising twice a day, reading more, meditating, spending more time with our families, cleaning out the garage, volunteering, working harder, and on and on it goes. The dreams and goals can pile up, leaving us just simply exhausted trying to keep up and then ultimately reverting back to our old state. This can be incredibly frustrating and demoralizing. So how do we actually achieve our dreams and change our lifestyles easily? And how do we do it without getting crushed by the weight of everything we’re trying to achieve?

For this blog post, I’m going to dive into a few ways to grow your mind and accelerate your self-development without overwhelming you! These ways are simple additions to your day-to-day life that can have monumental impacts on yourself and how you live. Time to level up!

Add or Subtract Something Every Month

The first strategy I want to discuss is a great and simple one! All you have to do is add or subtract a habit every single month. So, one month, you add something. The next month, you remove a different habit. For example, say you wanted to start meditating for ten minutes every day. For one entire month, meditate every single day. When the month is done, you can choose to keep doing it, or if you didn’t find it beneficial, just stop. Then the next month, subtract a habit for the whole month, like sugar, for instance. This alternating of habits will allow you to slowly introduce positive new ideas and productive tasks into your daily routine and remove negative ones. It will also be slow enough that you won’t be overwhelmed, and you can handle just one thing at a time!

Do One Uncomfortable Thing Every Day

The next strategy is to do one uncomfortable thing every single day. What does this look like? If you are ever faced with something you need to do and find yourself not wanting to do it, simply push through and count it as your uncomfortable task for the day. If you haven’t come across such a task, come up with one that would benefit your life! Clean out your basement! Take a cold shower! Finish that project you’ve always wanted to do! Does meeting new people make you nervous or uncomfortable? Try to go out and say hello to a stranger today! Does the thought of going for a run or even a walk make you squirm? Go do it anyway! Following this strategy will allow you to expand your mind, try new things, and complete stuff you’ve been putting off!

Get Up 30 Minutes Earlier

The final strategy I want to break down is also a quick and simple one! Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier. This won’t require a huge readjustment to your daily routine. By getting up just a little bit earlier in the day, you’ve been given a half-hour to work on yourself and your projects. This will allow you to get more done and drive yourself closer to your dreams! It won’t be enough of a time jump to mess up your sleep schedule, but it will be enough to make some great improvements to your life. And if you’re worried about getting less sleep, simply go to bed a half-hour earlier in the evening. We tend not to do a whole lot in the evenings anyway. So you might as well give up an extra episode of your show and go to bed!

Growing your mind and improving yourself doesn’t have to be that challenging. By simply adding in new habits and removing old ones every month, you can make small, incremental changes that will improve your life immensely! Ensuring you do one uncomfortable thing every single day, you can push yourself to complete tasks you were procrastinating on. And finally, by just getting up slightly earlier, you can accomplish more with your time and boost your productivity. Throw all of these together, and you’ve got an amazing routine for self-growth! Don’t hesitate, and make the most of your wonderful life by leveling up!

Until next time,

David Peachment


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