Minecraft vs. Roblox

Updated: Mar 31

April 14th, 2021

Andrés Porras


If you’re a teacher like me, you’ve likely heard your students debating this very question. Which is better: Minecraft or Roblox? You might hear students say that they like minecraft because you can build anything that you want, while others tell you that roblox lets you do different types of games. From a teacher point of view, you might be left wondering, what’s the better platform for me? Which one will help me teach the things I want to? At Coded-Minds we offer programs that use both Minecraft and Roblox, so we know a little bit about this issue! Here’s our thoughts.

The Case for Minecraft

As a learning platform, minecraft is the most robust out of the two. There’s pre-made lessons that you can use to teach things ranging from indigenous ways of knowing, math, science, and even social emotional pieces. In addition, it has a dedicated code-builder that uses Microsoft make-code to teach students the basics of block-based coding and allow students to step up into more complex coding languages like Python and JavaScript. If you’re a teacher that’s just starting your journey into STEM based practices, you might find this as a great place to start, but eventually, you may find your students are limited by some of the constraints of the game.

The Case for Roblox

Roblox, at its core, is meant to be customized. Users have a truly unlimited range of creative tools, as well as preset tutorials that they can use to follow and get them started. While Minecraft may have pre-built worlds, Roblox encourages students to build their own worlds with their own mechanics (Yes, I know minecraft does too, but not at the level of customizability offered by Roblox). In addition, their built-in coding language Lua is really easy to learn, and although it is not block-based, it is really much more forgiving than other scripts.

Final Thoughts