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Summer camps are here! How can your child(ren) benefit from them?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

March 17th, 2021

Nikolas Zetouni


It is that time of the year already, time to plan for the summer activities! That might include camping in the mountains, a casual visit to the lake, or perhaps a walk down the river with your family. Summer can also be a time to learn new skills, and as such, summer camps are a great option for children. They are educative, promote social interaction and give parents, especially working parents, a bit of time for themselves.

The Good News

Coded Minds Canada has a wide range of summer camps for children ages 5-14. You have two choices of location, one at our head office in NW Calgary (right next to the University of Calgary) and one at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School in Okotoks. When you visit our website to explore you can take advantage of a promotional, early bird discount! Use CODED25 at check out to get $25 off if you sign up before March 30th, 2021.

Great way to keep the learning going

Just because they’re not going to school, doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop. Coded Minds summer camps blend themes that kids love with iSTEAM concepts. They’ll learn about Coding and Design Thinking with Minecraft, System and Critical Thinking with Roblox and explore how to make Sci-Fi tech real in a Star Wars camp and much more! These camps expose kids to knowledge they might not get at their school, since summer camps do not need to follow any provincial curriculum. Who knows? These exposures can awaken talents that you never thought your child(ren) could have.

The social interaction is great

I like to think of Summer Camps as vacations. When you go abroad, it’s a whole new experience. You don’t need to be “the regular self”, you can be “vacation self”. The same goes for your child(ren). At school, the status quo does not change much, but in a new environment, children can start new social interactions and develop their social skills better. Making new friends and interacting with them for one week is great for building social skills, preparing them for their future in the workforce.

Take home message

Summer camps are extremely valuable to our children. It allows them to be exposed to areas of knowledge most schools don’t talk about, while creating new social interactions that can lead to long lasting friendships. As a bonus, summer camps can give you, some well deserved “me time”.

Don’t forget to Check our website and use the code CODED25 to get $25 OFF in any camp from the NW Calgary location (expires on March 30, 2021).

Nik Zetouni

Head of Operations, Coded Minds Team Canada.

Did you know Coded Minds is a pioneer in iSTEAM and one of the first companies to integrate it into their learning objectives and educational programs? To enrol your child in iSTEAM learning or learn how to integrate iSTEAM into your educational program or curriculum, CLICK HERE.



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