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What Web Design Taught Me

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

July 7th, 2021

David Peachment


What Web Design Taught Me

Web design is a relatively new skill that can be learned. It has only existed as long as websites have existed, which is really just the past few decades. However, it is so central to our online experience that to know it and be good at it will elevate a person to have very marketable and employable abilities. Just knowing how to navigate common web design tools can be the difference between a promotion or not. Every company uses websites, and every website needs a designer and someone to maintain the site. Having the skills of a web designer can provide countless opportunities in one’s life! Thankfully, at one point in time, I took a course in web design and had the opportunity to create a website from scratch. Here are just some of the valuable skills I acquired by learning web design:


The first skill I want to emphasize is creativity. Web design isn’t as simple as slapping on a few buttons onto a page and calling it a day. A lot of time and care has to go into creating a site that is not only appealing to the eye of potential visitors but is also easy to navigate. We’ve all been to some sites that are very unappealing and super hard to navigate (basically every university website). Figuring out what looks good and what flows nicely is a core component of web design. Creativity is one of the most essential skills for this profession and having it will push you up above other competitors. Even if you don’t have tons of creativity to begin with, web design will bring it out and cultivate it in you.


The next skill I want to highlight is the determination I developed. Because web design is a form of coding, a lot can go wrong when typing out scripts and code. Some simple mistakes can significantly affect the entire website. It can be a frustrating experience. But in the quest to complete the site, I grew a determination in my work. A drive to achieve what I set out to do. A desire to finish what I started and to push through any and all obstacles. And believe me, there were obstacles. Going through the process of learning web design will develop in whoever does it a sense of drive and determination to do their best. And that is a skill that can carry one pretty far in life.

Appreciating Others’ Work

Another idea I wanted to touch on is how I developed an appreciation for other people’s work. Knowing how frustrating and time-consuming crafting a high-quality website can be, I can understand what blood, sweat, and tears went into a site when I visit one. Seeing how buttons pop up, animations play, and graphics dance across the screen all stir up in me a sense of awe and inspiration for what can be done by putting in the work and effort. After visiting a fantastic website, it always enhances my motivation to be the best that I can be and to push through any doubt about what I can design.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the soft skills I learned while studying web design. There were many more, and of course, there were the actual skills of web design that helped me design my very own website! All of it has boosted my knowledge and skills that I know I will carry forward through life. Creativity, determination, and appreciating the work of others are all skills that web design taught me in strides, and I know if you or your child learn it, you and they will also receive similar if not better benefits!

If your child is interested in web design or coding in general, this summer, we are offering several summer camps to teach them a wide range of 21st-century skills. Click HERE to learn more! Additionally, we are offering private learning sessions HERE

David Peachment


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