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5 Awesome Lessons in Minecraft Education

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

February 9th, 2022

David Peachment


5 Awesome Lessons in Minecraft Education

There are few things in this world that kids love as much as they do Minecraft. A video game with endless possibilities and worlds to explore. For kids, Minecraft can be a place to express their creative side and have fun with friends. But it also provides for a space to learn new skills and ideas. And the best place to learn is in Minecraft Education. I’ve previously discussed Minecraft Education, and you can find that HERE. To quickly summarise, Minecraft Education is an alternate version of Minecraft that centers on educating children while they play. It has lessons and programs in computer science, history, math, science, and more! Minecraft Education is a spot for kids to learn important concepts through play. And it has helped thousands of kids around the world grow and thrive.

In this blog post, I want to detail a few of my favourite lessons available in Minecraft Education. I hope you can find these valuable and learn about what kids can explore while playing their favourite games!

Exploring Ancient Egypt

There’s nothing more spectacular than the wondrous world of ancient Egypt! Pyramids, the Sphinx, deserts, tombs, Pharaohs, and so much more! That era and location of the world are full of rich history, culture, and ideas. This set of lessons explores everything that ancient Egypt has to offer. Each lesson focuses on a specific topic while allowing the players to run around a recreation of Egyptian landmarks in the game world. The topics covered include its government structure, geography, the economy, and the uniqueness of Egypt’s culture, among other subjects. Your child will walk away having felt like they lived there! I highly recommend this one for those history enthusiasts out there!

Element Scavenger Hunt

Switching over to science, one of the best ones, in my opinion, is the Element Scavenger Hunt! This fantastic way to learn the elements provides kids with a fun game while understanding scientific concepts. The objective is about understanding that matter is made up of smaller parts. Each player is given a “material reducer” to find as many materials as they can that contain oxygen. Once they find a block with oxygen in it, they race to put the block in a picture frame. The first player to fill up all of the picture frames wins! Once that is completed, the players can search for other elements if they want! Kids can learn how substances are made up of elements and atoms, all the while competing for winning a scavenger hunt!

Create Your Own Museum

The third lesson I want to touch on is Create Your Own Museum. In this super fun project, students pick a topic of interest and then select artifacts related to that topic. Then, they will design a museum around said artifacts! The kids will need to create signs, boards, slates, and posters describing and explaining the exhibits. Once all that is complete, students then record a video walkthrough tour of their very own museum! Students can express their creativity, critical thinking, project management, and much more! Who said museums can’t be exciting?

Digital Citizenship

This course on Digital Citizenship is a crucial one for kids nowadays! During the lesson, students will follow a guide explaining to them critical subjects in today’s modern world such as media literacy, digital theft and sharing, and even online harassment. A core part of this lesson is focused on understanding what’s safe to post on social media and that the person on the other side of the screen is a living, breathing human just like us! There are activities that support the various subjects and opportunities for students to self-reflect on their lives. Digital Citizenship is a can’t miss lesson, especially with how interconnected our world is!

Coding Fundamentals

Is your child interested in learning how to code their own video game? Or how to mod Minecraft? Then this is a fantastic place to start! This robust set of lessons teaches students fundamental computer programming concepts in a fun and engaging way. Students will explore the different planets of the solar system while learning core concepts of coding such as loops, conditions, operators, algorithms, and loads more! There’s even a multiplayer component, too, so kids can have fun and code together! Coding Fundamentals is a strong way to kickstart coding skills and for kids to understand how computer programs function. Definitely put this on your watchlist!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this blog post! I hope it has given you a few ideas of some great lessons for kids to learn in Minecraft Education. If they haven’t started using these, they should get on it right away and begin their adventure into the wondrous world of learning in Minecraft!

Until next time,

David Peachment


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