7 Inexpensive After-School Activities for Kids

Updated: Apr 1

February 2nd, 2022

David Peachment


7 Inexpensive After-School Activities for Kids

After school is always a tricky time for parents and kids. Having just finished school, the last thing kids want to do is cram more information into their brains! For parents, they don’t always want their kids to spend time playing video games or watching TV for several hours before supper. In this blog post, I hope to list a few useful (and inexpensive) ways for kids to still learn some great skills and put their time to good use without it feeling like more school. Let’s dive in!

Start a YouTube Channel

The first after-school activity that a kid would love is to start a YouTube channel. Get them to pick a subject they are passionate about and create a channel based on that. Instead of just simply watching YouTube, they can learn the ins and outs of marketing, video production, editing, writing scripts, being entertaining, how to teach concepts, and many more! The list of potential skills that a kid could learn from doing a YouTube channel is vast! Not only will your child learn lots, but they’ll have a ton of fun. And who knows? If their channel grows enough, they could make a little money on the side. It doesn’t even require much to start one. Just use a smartphone or tablet for recording, download some free editing software from the internet, and away they go! Plus, if they really love it, they’ll invest as much time as possible into making it great, learning tons along the way!