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Coded Talks is now a Podcast

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

March 3rd, 2021

Nikolas Zetouni


Coded Talks is now a Podcast! Also, did you know Podcasts can be very educational? “Hello hello hello everyone! This is Nik Zetouni, head of operations from Coded Minds Team Canada” is how I introduce myself in our new online free product – Coded Talks the Podcast. The purpose is the same as the blog, to bring to you educational topics, but in a fun, engaging and conversational way. We are using multiple platforms for it, including Spotify. Give it a listen and subscribe please :D So far we have the Episode 0 – Introduction to Coded Talks, Episode 1 – Online Learning, Episode 2 – Asynchronous and Synchronous Education and Episode 3 – Tech as a Educational tool. Besides doing some self advertising, I am here to also talk about how podcasts can be educational. I am an actively listener of a few podcasts that have nothing to do with education or technology. My podcasts dwell on human behavior, biology and leadership. I listen to podcasts for leisure not for work or education, and I never really think of them as learning pieces. Recently, when in conversations with friends, I started realizing how much my knowledge in the topics as mentioned above is growing. You might be asking, “can leisure be educational?”. I am discovering that yes, it can! How so? I want to differentiate formal education and informal education. To make it simple, formal education is what you learn from school. It is technical, structured and required to navigate from school to University. Informal education is everything else that you learn outside school. My favorite piece of informal education are the social skills we can acquire through our lives. Podcasts, blog articles and even some YouTube videos dwell in the real of informal education – no one will hand you an exam about a video or podcast, but the applicability of these pieces in life can be huge. Let me give you an example. One of the podcasts I am really into is “Where should we begin” from Esther Perel, a renowned psychotherapist. Her podcast is about relationships, where she brings couples, families or friends to solve issues. I can see myself in every episode because she brings relationship issues that are common for most people, and I unconsciously collect wisdom from them. There was an session, about a working relationship that marked me. At a given point, one of the guests admitted he was not actively listening his business partner. Esther then goes straight to the issue, giving the guests tools on how to make communication flourish between them. Guess who gets complimented by the senior executive director of Coded Minds for actively listening to her concerns? Me! And I felt really good about it! Bottom line is, we can learn from everywhere. The challenge is how to properly filter what can be good or not for us. Whether is formal or informal knowledge, resources like podcasts, videos and even blogs are out there for us to use! We can learn from them without putting a lot of effort since they are fun and interactive. Just to bring the self ad back, this is our goal with Coded Talks Podcast – to bring to you educational pieces that are fun to learn. I hope that, one day, after listening to one of our podcasts, you have that lightbulb in your brain and think…”That is what Andres and Nik were talking about”. Enjoy your listening :D Nik Zetouni Head of Operations, Coded Minds Team Canada. Did you know Coded Minds is a pioneer in iSTEAM and one of the first companies to integrate it into their learning objectives and educational programs? To enrol your child in iSTEAM learning or learn how to integrate iSTEAM into your educational program or curriculum, CLICK HERE.



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