How a Growth Mindset Changed Me

Updated: Mar 31

June 16th, 2021

David Peachment


How a Growth Mindset Changed Me

The growth mindset. What exactly is it? First, let's describe the opposite of it: a fixed mindset. A person with a fixed mindset believes that all of their skills are all born with them and cannot be changed. For example, let's say I am good at geography. I believe geography is the way to go, and I don't want to learn other education subjects. Why would I want to learn something I'm not going to be good at? The person with a fixed mindset does not want to evolve, grow, and learn everything there is to learn out there. Instead, that person wants to try and avoid disappointment from not being as good at new skills as they are with their natural talents, such as the beforementioned geography. The growth mindset is the opposite of the fixed mindset. It believes in the experience of learning and doesn't care about the goal or the final outcome. What really matters is everything that can be learned in the process of learning.

And without further ado, here are three ways that having a growth mindset changed me!

I became in control

The first way I was changed by getting a growth mindset was the control I got over my life. Previously, when I had a fixed mindset, I would often feel powerless over what happened to me, whether my car broke down, my job was going nowhere, or even trying to find a date. But through the action of changing my entire thought process, I suddenly had way more control over my life. Instead of hoping my job would get better, I instead decided to learn more skills for it and turn it into my dream job. Instead of waiting to get a date, I spent hours improving myself and gaining the confidence to ask people out. And instead of spending hundreds of dollars on getting my car fixed, I learned how to make minor repairs myself and save tons of money. No longer would I wait to have things happen to me. From now on, I would make opportunities present themselves. I had complete control of who I was and what I did.

I've Learned Tons

By adopting a growth mindset, I was/am able to learn tons of ideas in a medley of different subjects. If I stuck myself in a fixed mindset and only focused on areas that I know I'm good at, I wouldn't be nearly where I am today. I've learned about finances, psychology, technology, and all of it has contributed to the life I live. Through the process of desiring to learn, I've picked up skills and knowledge that have helped me in everyday life, such as mild car repairs, computer troubleshooting, writing (like this very blog post), and a lot more! Allowing myself to soak up whatever information comes my way has dramatically increased my happiness and ability to help myself and others. If I had maintained my fixed mindset, I would be very lost and most likely unemployed.

Helped me in my career

One of the core aspects of acquiring a growth mindset was how it helped me in my career. By opening my mind to growth and change, I adapted to change in my personal life much easier. Instead of doubling down on what I thought I knew, I could flow