Learning Sessions

For learners who have yet to uncover the world of Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (iSTEAM), lack interest, are under-experienced, or who need to be further challenged, our Learning Sessions boast beginner to specialized learning where students can garner their interests and hone in on their skills.

Learning Sessions (Basic)

Coded Minds’ Basic Learning Sessions include one concentration and pre-designed program at a time. These programs are designed to meet specific learning objectives and optimize value. If you want to have more than one concentration at a time and more flexibility within your program, please see our Advanced Learning Session option below.

Learning Sessions (Advanced)

Advanced Learning Sessions include all the benefits of our basic Learning Sessions plus they are customizable and tailored to a particular student’s needs and level of competency. The added benefit of the customizable Learning Session package is that the student will be introduced to more than one concentration/ iSTEAM area at a time and the student and parents/guardians are involved in the program design process. This option ensures students are doing exactly what they want and allows them the flexibility to explore, diversify or focus on the areas that they are the most interested in.

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